Saturday, September 21, 2002

I just had the coolest time! ^_^

At about 8:00 PM, my friend Nanona called me. It's the "moon festival" today, which is a mid-autum festival thingy that we asian folk like celebrating. It involves celebrating the full moon and probably some more important celestial happenings. We do stuff like play with lanterns shaped like animals and eat "moon cakes," which are made especially for the occasion. So... as I was saying... he called me and invited me over to go stare at the moon and stars on his roof. Yes, he invited me over to play on the roof. ^_^ My other friends were going to come too, so we'd all have a nice good time together.

When I got there, we climbed on the roof. There were those who took the wimpy route and took a ladder. Bah! I took the best route up there: climbing up the side with only a shaky fence-thingy for support. XD Yah... I know that's kinda dangerous and such, but hey, you need to live some, don't you? ^_^

On the roof, we had fun doing a bunch of stuff. First, we brought a bag of fortune cookies with us, so we were just sitting around and eating them, reading the fortunes, and adding the words "in bed" afterwards. ^_^ Yah... it's kinda immature, but hey, it was funny. ^_^

When my other friend, Antonio, arrived, he had a scarf on. We asked him what was up with it and why he was wearing it, but he didn't give us an answer, so we teased him about having a hicky. ^_^ Yah... I'm pretty darn sure he didn't have one, but it was fun as heck to tease him about it. ^_^

Eventually we got to star gazing. San Jose has yellow lights (because of the local observatory), so we can actually see the stars. It was great. My friends are great when it comes to making up stupid constalations out of stars. ^_^ I saw an obtuse angle! XD Aaa~... that was great. We took the opportunity to tease Antonio further. We were all like: "there's Anthony!" Is that a hickey I see!?" XD Yah... good times.

Boy, that was great. Gotta do that again sometime. ^_^

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Friday, September 20, 2002

I really didn't have much to do today, so I went to the "Friday-after-school-anime-club-thing" they always have at my old high school. This was the first one, so I just had to pop by. I got to play a few games for a while before accepting a challenge at SCII and going to MGL for a while. When I got back, they kinda finished playing and were cleaning up. ^_^; I was there for a while though and I did provide my Dreamcast, so there.

My friend reminded me about something I was thinking about a long time ago. We were just chatting a bit when he mentioned that he wished that the anime club--at my old high school--was more like... well... a "traditional" anime club. You know... the kind that has showings for hours, fan discussions, and the like. One where everyone's a devoted anime fan. I could really relate to him. This is not the first time such a thought passed through my head. I've longed for a club like that, not one filled with a bunch of Cartoon Network "anime fans." People whose first anime was Pokemon or Gundam Wing. I know people have to start somewhere when it comes to fandom, but it's ridiculous how much of the total club population actually falls into this catagory. I'd say that it may be well over 80%. Yah... I don't think that's an overstatement either. When I join an anime club, I want to be surrounded by people who are just as devoted as I am. People who have been fans for more than a year or two. I want to spend hours watching anime with them and having fan discussions with them. I'd just like, for once, to spend time with a fellow club member who is able to hold a conversation with me when I go off on obscure series/reference tangents. Is that too much to ask? I guess it is when it comes to the anime fan population at my old school.

I picked up the second volume of Hellsing today. This volume consists of another three episodes, ending in episode 6. Now it's starting to get good. ^_^ Yah... I could tell from the first few episodes that it would be getting better. It's not like it's gotten to some really great stuff yet, but episode 6 was a heck of a lot better than any other episode that came before it. Alucard is just as cool as I thought he would be, but here's something I didn't expect: Walter rulz! ^_^ He just does. So yah... I'll be picking up the next volume when it's released. I need to fill my box now don't I? ^_^

You know what's cool about volume 2 of Hellsing? It comes with a limited edition extra too! From my tone, you can probably tell that it's better than the extra that comes with the box. This extra's actually worthwhile: a Hellsing emblem badge! It's an iron-on patch of the emblem found on standard Hellsing uniforms. Score!

I stumbed upon the best page in the universe, or at least that's what it's entitled. I tell you, this man's writing is some of the funniest stuff I've ever read. Lots of insiteful ranting and social satire. Good stuff. Read it. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.

Now why'd you have to go and say that this layout's all "bright and cheery," Shana.... Well... I suppose you can look at it that way.... Bah... I just don't like making jovial layouts. Call it personal preference, but when I make layouts, I like making them moody or pretty, not happy. Bah....

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Thursday, September 19, 2002

Just Wingin' It version 12: "Comic Girl"

Aaa~... I've been meaning to get up a layout. ^_^ You should feel special Hana; you inspired me to make a new layout. Your new layout's so different from your previous work, I just had to make something completely different from my normal style too. Thus, version 12 was born. I really felt like making a layout based on a bishoujo game girl. Why? I just had a hankering to. No specific reason. So I decided on Inagawa Yuu from the game Comipa (Comic Party) by Leaf. I decided to do something I never did before: a theme layout. This one happens to be a doujin theme. Now the most difficult thing about this layout was trying to balance the general simplicity of doujin covers along with my desire to design like crazy. ^_^; I think I found a nice balance though. All in all, I really like this layout. I guess it's the boldness and simplicity. It's different for me. It may also be because it features Yuu on it. ^_^ Yah... Yuu's cute. But that's not the only reason why I like her. Yuu exemplifies the kind of doujin fan that I admire. She's in it not for glory, not for any kind of fame, but simply because she genuinely enjoys doujin. I think that's really admirable, unlike Emi. Although, I like Emi too. ^_^; I know... I have eclectic tastes in women. ^_^; Yah... maybe I'll do an Emi layout someday.... XD

So why haven't I been making posts this week thus far? Well... honestly, I haven't really been up to much. I've been at home, working in Photoshop, going to MGL, visiting people at my old high school, and playing Xenogears. Woo...? Really didn't think much if any of that stuff was worth mentioning at all.

I did go out and pick up two DVDs over the week. First, I got the first DVD of I My Me! Strawberry-eggs. This series is so great! I know it may be, by all appearances, standard anime fare, but I don't know... I like it. A lot. I guess it's because of the way the show is scripted. The series is about a guy who wants to become a teacher at a school, but they only hire female teachers. Thus, he cross-dresses to land the job. Now... I'm sure most of you have seen premises like this before. However, this series is different from the average "cross-dressing" anime series/episode. Instead of focusing on this man's difficulty of maintaining his image as a woman, they focus on the developing relationship between him and a female student. The story's really heart-warming. ^_^ I'm really enjoying it thus far. I'm looking forward to the next DVD.

Because Danny recommends it so highly, I also picked up Hellsing vol. 1 with the limited edition box. Now before I talk about the anime, lets talk about the box. I like the design on it. Very, very slick. No gripes about that. Now the limited edition "extra...." It's a "blood bag." Basically, it's an imitation medical blood bag thing with fake blood in it. Now I don't know about you, but I don't see a use for this "extra." I'm satisfied with the box already. Why the heck are you giving me an extra like this for? It's gonna be a pain to keep it too because I need to make sure it doesn't burst or anything. Bah. Well... packaging aside, the anime's really really interesting. I only got three episodes though, so I can't really say much right now. I can see where the series is going, but I haven't actually seen it yet, so I'll have to get back to you folks on that later. I have high expectations for the rest of the series though. There better be some darn good action sequences. ^_^

The sister actually came home this week. On Monday, she was unusually bored at Davis, so she came back to spend some time here before school starts. That kinda aleviates some lonesomness on my part. Seems just like life's back to normal. She went back today, but she's just staying there for two days and two nights, so she'll be back soon.

Seriously, you'd think that after such a long time, I would have more to say.... I don't. ^_^;

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Sunday, September 15, 2002

I stayed at home all day today. Amazingly enough though, I have some things to talk about....

Recently, my parents got me a nice extra long twin bed. Up til now, I've been sleeping in twin-sized beds for my entire life, but considering how I've been growing these last few years, this change was well in order. So because of this new change in beds, I had to clean out under my old bed. My new bed's not going to be raised up as high as my old bed, so there's not going to be quite as much space underneath there. Just the standard space under a bed frame.

As part of cleaning out everything, I had to go through about four years worth of school work. Yes, I've been keeping just about all my high school work. I know many people just throw out their work at the end of the school year, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I spent so much time on it. Maybe it's because I might refer back to it someday. Maybe its nostalgia. I honestly don't know. Whatever the reason was, I kept my work. However, when I was going through all my work today, I decided to finally throw most of it away. Again, I'm at a loss to describe just why I did it, I just did it. In a way, I guess this means that I'm throwing away a lot of my past. I'm alright with it though. Some of the memories associated with the work doesn't exactly make me giddy. It's not so much the memories of the work itself, it's more like the memories of the things that happened while I had that work to do. It's kinda hard to explain. Anyway, I tossed out nearly all of it. Thus ends a chapter of my life I suppose.

Outside of that, I've been pretty much lounging around the house. I spent quite a few hours rewatching Kanon (don't worry you know who, I'm working on you know what ^_^). Man, I love that series. It's just so emotional. The thing is though, when I finished watching it, I really didn't feel like doing anything. I suppose it was because of all the emotions that ran through me throughout the course of watching the series, but it kinda left me all nyeh. I'm kinda like that right now. Bleh.

This time through the series, I came to appreciate Nayuki a lot more. She is actually a lot cuter than I thought she was before. ^_^; Yah... I guess I just had to go through one more time to pick up on it. She doesn't beat out Shiori though. And no one beats out Makoto. ^_^

Today my dad invited my grandma and uncle+aunt to dinner, as he likes to do just about--literally--every couple of weeks. During this dinner, he just had to get on my case about getting more exercise again. -_- I don't mind it so much when it's just between the two of us, but this was in front of my grandma and uncle+aunt. He mentioned this one time when my other aunt asked me what sport I liked to play. I responded "I don't know" because well... I really don't. To be honest, I really don't like any sport at all. At least not traditional baseball/basketball/tennis-type sports. You know why? Because when I was younger and had to take PE classes, I was forced to play these sports year after year after year. That wouldn't be too bad, had I not sucked royally at every single sport we did. Although I wasn't always unathletic, I was just never good. I was one of those "picked last" type of people. Yah... I guess they were mildly traumatic. Because of that, I don't like to play any of those sports if I can ever help it. Well... back to the story... my dad just had to give me a hard time about my response. Not only did he tease me about not mentioning any sport in particular, he just had to mock my answer: "I don't know." You see, like many people, I don't know everything. That's why I use the phrase "I don't know." Reasonable, eh? Well, it's not too reasonable for my dad. He likes me to give him a straight answer, not "I don't know." Well... how the heck am I supposed to give him a straight answer if I honestly don't know? Bah! Nyeh... he knows how to hit low....

Wow... the return of social! ^_^

Well... I can see where you're coming from, but my sister and I are different. We actually get along. You may be happy to get him out of your hair, but with the departure of my sister, that means that there'll be one less person in the house who can actually kinda understand me, thus leaving none. Oh well though... I'll live....

Heh... I see you're mighty talented in the area of furniture assembly yourself imouto. ^_^ Well... about the whole furniture store thing... you got it kinda wrong. My parents don't work in the store. They are part owners, but my uncle actually runs the store and hires various family members and employees to work there. My dad doesn't work in that line of business. Rather, he is some kind of engineer (I can't remember the proper job title if my life depended on it ^_^;). He works on ion implantation and making computer chips and such. My mom is a homemaker.

Aaa~! I miss my other imouto! We haven't really conversed much recently, have we? I'll e-mail you soon, ok? ^_^

So you're having problems with people you don't want reading your log? That... doesn't... sound... good.... Well... well... remember my offer from a while ago? It's still good. ^_^

Interesting new site you have there. ^_^ I gotta participate sometime. XD

Haha! I like that first interesting factoid. I can just see you: a little tiny grade school girl going around and beating up all the little boys. That's priceless. ^_^

Your immune system's getting weak? Why don't you try taking lots o' vitamin C? It hasn't been proven that taking large amounts of vitamin C causes any adverse effects. ^_^ Seriously though, yah... I know what you're going through with the whole cynicism thing. I've been getting increasingly more cynical myself these last few years. I guess this is called maturity. ^_^

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