Thursday, September 26, 2002

You know what's something cool I found out yesterday? Kinokuniya opens early. ^_^ I was on my way to school, with plenty of time to spare, so I was all like: "I need to kill time somehow.... Hey, Kinokuniya's on my way to school...." ^_^ Yah... I didn't expect them to be open at 9 something cause they're a Japanese store. Those always seem to like to open around 10 or so, but they surprised me. So anyway, I went by and picked up some manga. I got Star Ocean Blue Sphere #1 and Enix Supercomic Gekijoh Volume 41, featuring Comic Party.

Star Ocean's so great! ^_^ A little background: Blue Sphere is the Gameboy Color game that continues the story of the characters in Star Ocean 2. It takes place two years after the second game. Anyway, the manga was just released 9/22, so it's really new. I love Kinokuniya. ^_^ So, as I was saying... this manga's just so cool. I love the art. I have favorable things to say about all the new outfits too. I think Celine's new outfit is interesting. I was getting kinda tired of the old outfit, so yay. Leon looks a heck of a lot older and cooler now! I love how he ditched the lab coat in favor of a slick jacket. ^_^ And finally, but not least importantly, Precis looks older and better too. She now looks like what she should have in looked like in the last series. ^_^; She doesn't look anywhere near 18, which is what age she should be in this series, but oh well. At least I feel like less of a pedophile now. ^_^; Not that pedophilism is a bad thing or anything. ^_^

The Comic Party manga seems like a professionally published doujin. Really now. There are multiple artists featured, and they don't seem to be of professional caliber. Meh... oh well.... The stories are mildly amuzing, so I'm satisfied. ^_^

On the school front, nothing much really happening. I am starting to think that my math class won't be nearly as bad as I thought it would be though. My teacher doesn't explain quite as well as some teachers I've taken in the past, but she seems adequate. I guess that's more than I can ask more, eh?

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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Yesterday was my first Philosophy 3 class. We only meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but they compensated by making each class 2 hours. -_- So yah... I went to that. My teacher went over what we are going to do and I'm liking what I'm hearing. He basically says that we'll be examining logic and reasoning and such in the class. I don't know about most people, but I kinda like doing stuff like that. Allows me to have superior logic. I like having superior logic. ^_^ Yah... seems that's what we're going to do in the class. The first day was kinda nyeh though. As an intro to the class, he went over a conversation between Socrates and Phaedrus, which was all about Socrates showing Phaedrus the superiority of his rhetoric. All in all, an interesting read, but it was so darn abstract! We did that for the better part of two hours, so I was feeling kinda nyeh towards the end. Lots of intense abstract concepts can do that to you, don'tcha know.

Interesting development in my Calc class: we're using a new book. -_- Let me explain: at my school, the calculus students use the same book throughout all the calc classes. Because of this, my sister's been using one calc book for all her calc classes. Now that she's off to Davis, she left her calc book around for me to use. Unfortunately, they just had to release a new edition of her book this very year. -_- So yah... my teacher tells me that the material's the same and that we can photocopy the new problems from the new book, but I went out and bought the new book anyway. I figured that that would be best because I'll probably be taking Math 1B someday, so I'd like to have the book around for that class. Yup... at least I'm working with a new book. New books are so nice. ^_^

The sis finally left for Davis cause her semester's started. Yep, so now I'm back to being the only youngin' in the house. Joy. Meh... I'll learn how to survive. I'm resiliant like that. ^_^

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Monday, September 23, 2002

Yep, today was my first day of college. -_-

My first class is at 11:30 AM, but I hear that the parking during the Fall quarter's really hellish, so I decided to leave at 9:00, which means that I got there around 9:20 or so. Oh golly... I didn't expect how bad it would be. I went to the driving garage and all the way to the top floor, you know, the one that's in the open air, under all the sun. Yah, the floor no one wants to park on... yah... that floor... it as full. And there were more or less 10 cars circling through the area at any given time. I just drove around for a long time, waiting for someone to leave. I went around for about an hour before actually landing a spot. -_- And then, I had to squeeze my way into a spot someone else was waiting for. Now don't think I'm a bad guy or anything. That's the only way I could get a spot in time for class and besides, I'd been circling for an hour. I seriously doubt that lady was waiting that long. Besides, I gotta exercise some some agressive driving every once in a while, don't I? That's the only way I'll survive out there sometimes.

Upon parking, I made way to the book store to buy my books. I took a look around, and picked up my books. I tried to get used books cause they're cheaper. ^_^ My Philosophy 3 class only has one book, but my ICS 5 class requires a total of 4 books! I'm just glad that I'm not paying for these things. My parents are taking the tab. ^_^

Then it was about time for my first class, so thus I was off to my ICS 5 class at 11:30. Basic first day type of class. We got "green sheets" (they were white ^_^;) and we went over stuff about the class and what books we needed. Things like that. My teacher seems nice. She's a younger teacher. I'd say that she's in her thirties. It's always good to have a teacher who's comparatively young. They always seem more lively and interesting. I'm looking forward to learning art history from her. ^_^

After that class, ten minutes later, I had my next class at 12:30. That's my Calc class. This class didn't give me quite the same impression. We went over first day stuff and went through some pre-calc review. But my teacher seems really... well... nyeh.... She's an older woman and she's kinda well... not quite so interesting. I have a feeling that I'm not going to like her instruction very much. -_- Now why in my math class? That's the worst subject to get a teacher like that. Although... is it just me or are most of those types of teachers teaching math. -_- Anyway, wish me luck with the class because I'm probably going to struggle through it. Probably not so much with the work, but with the enduring class. -_- Gwar....

Afterwards, I went and harassed my friend Sano, who's also going to De Anza. We chatted. We seem to get out at similar times on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we decided to do something tomorrow. We also went to Tapioca Express to get some chicken and pearl tea and finally we made a stop to MGL.

Upon getting home, I've been looking over my math stuff and I'm done for the day. It's all review stuff anyway, so it's not really stuff I need to spend much time on. Woo.

Finally, some social:
You ask me an interesting question.... So... you seriously act like that around him? I'm kinda sorry to tell you this, but I think he might possibly be misled by such behavior. ^_^; I can't say that any girl has ever acted like that around me, but if one did, I would probably think that she liked me or something. So yah... eh... ^_^;;;;

"Kanon Dream Days...?" What's that? ^_^;

Heh heh... sure, I'll help you with your homework sometime if you ever want it. ^_^ I'm always willing to help. It makes me feel good to know that my help would be appreciated. ^_^

Thanks for the support on my colleging. It's really appreciated. ^_^


I'm just a little late for this, but: congrats on the license!!! ^_^ Welcome to the world of the "motorists." ^_^ Remember to drive safely and all that stuff. Oh, and remember to use them blinkers. They're there for a reason. ^_^

Heh... thanks for the nice plug. *blush*

Ack! I haven't talked to you in a long time! Eh... I don't know what to say now.... ^_^; Eh... if I ever feel up to it, I'll e-mail you someday. If not, then I'll make it a point to social and comment more, ok?

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Sunday, September 22, 2002

*Sigh* This is my last night of summer.

It's been fun this last month and a half or so. Looking back on it all, this has probably been one of the most social periods of my life. And here I was, thinking that I was getting progressingly more anti-social.... I guess it's because I've gotten accustomed to going out more that I have a car. The freedom! It's like I have to go out or something. ^_^ Seriously though, it is a surprise. Although I've been getting a whole lot more social these last two years or so, I still have more loneristic tendencies than most people. Meh.... Well... with school starting again, I'm assuming that I'll be back to my more loneristic lifestyle soon enough.

Tomorrow will be my first day as a full-fledged college student. Some people might be intimidated or something, but I'm fine with it. It's going to be different from high school, but hey, it's not like I've never attended a college class before. I'm not exactly looking forward to it or anything, but I'm not exactly dreading it either. It's just a change.

So what am I taking this quarter (yah, my school goes by quarters)? Well... first off, I'm taking Math 1A, which is the first class in the calculus series. I'm sure some of you are surprised that I haven't yet taken calculus. Well, I've been perfectly capable of taking the class for a while now, but I opted not to because the calculus teachers at my old school were rather notorious for one reason or another. There were two main teachers. One was a good teacher, but he had the hardest grading. The other was a teacher well known for his inability to enunciate well, thus many students were unable to decipher his jargon. So yah... I took stat instead. ^_^; Now I'm going on to calculus. For my second class, I'm taking Philosophy 3. It's an english class that basically consists of debate on philosophical issues. Sound fun. I get to put my amazing David logic to use. ^_^ And lastly, I have the class Intercultural Studies (ICS) 5: "History of Art." Basically, it's an American art appreciation class. Joy! I enjoy learning about art. Interesting stuff. So yah... thus are my classes.

Yep... this is the end of my summer.... I guess I'm gonna kinda miss it. I have some important memories of this summer: doing fun things with my friends... driving around... helping my sister move out... and finally, but definately not least importantly, going to MGL daily to play SCII. Aaa~... those were fun times. ^_^

I'm kinda not up to socialing today. I really want to do some, but I'm just not in the mood. Just a quick message though: imouto, I'll be sending you an e-mail probably tomorrow. Sorry I've been so darn lazy. ^_^;

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