Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Aw screw it. Things are too messy on my end, so the big thing's not happening soon enough, so I'll actually post, post for a while. ^^;

*sigh* Where exactly to begin really? I've skipped out on a whole summer worth's of writing and the very beginning of my first semester after transfering to SJSU. I guess that's a good a place to begin as any....

So yes, I transfered from my previous JC to SJSU. Yeah, it's something of a transition, but I guess you could say that it's not as big as you might think. Last semester I spent a good deal of time at SJSU playing in the arcade and generally playing with my friends who go there. This year is an extension of that, only now I have classes there. ^^; I'm taking 13 units, which just puts me over the full-time student mark, but that's because I registered late and it's stupid difficult to add art classes (I'm an animation major). So yeah~ that's going pretty well....

Um~ I've been playing a lot of FFXI? Yes, I'm still playing it. I'm currently a 56 white mage/summoner, 46 bard/white mage, and 30 summoner/white mage. Yep. Very addicting game. It'll eat your soul. Join me! World passes aren't that expensive~. XD

Other stuff that has happened.... Tales of Symphonia stole my life for a good two, three weeks of the summer. My god, that's an awesome game. Great characterization, the likes of which I've probably never seen before. I like likable characters. Play it! ^^

What else...? Geez, this is really bleh condensing the last three months or so in a post.... For now I'll leave it at that. Live with it. =P

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