Wednesday, October 1, 2003

The other day, in my art history class, we were going over the stele of Hammurabi. For those who aren't familiar with the term (and honestly, I don't expect many), a "stele" is a big standing stone um... thingy in the general shape of um... think of this "U" upside down. ^_^; Well, you know what? On the other side of this stele is the code of Hammurabi, which, if your education was anything like mine, you heard about in your world history classes, and hell, I'm getting a Californian education, so I'm sure most everyone--at least in the US--has heard of the thing. Essentially, the code, marks the first recorded written law. Well, more like a collection of the doctorines Hammurabi put into order during his reign over the Babylonians. While hearing about it all my life, I never really knew what any of those laws were. That is, until my teacher decided to name off a few of them. You know what genuinely surprises me about those laws? They give women some rights. *shocked* In such early societies, there was no concept of "gender equality," so I expected the women to be totally exploited, as in just about every other ancient society. Nope. Apparently, in the case that the man didn't take care of the woman and/or behaved inappropriately as to disrespect her (and other things along those lines), the woman was entited to take her dowry and return to her father's house. While tame by today's "total equality" standards, that sounds amazingly "modern" for such olden times. Sure, in the case that the woman neglected and/or disrespected him, he was allowed to keep her as a slave and take a new wife, but, considering everything, that doesn't seem too far out there. I just find it fascinating, that's all.

What'cha know? I'm reading a book. *pauses* If you missed something, remember folks, I don't read for leisure and I rarely have to read them for classes. That was a pause for gasps. Why is it that I'm doing such an unusual thing? Well, of the reasons previously stated, it's the latter. Unfortuantely, for my Anthro class, I need to read the novel The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. But, in total honesty, the book isn't bad. It's about the Marburg and Ebola viruses and reaccounts stories based on outbreaks and research into these filoviruses. It's surprisingly rather captivating. There's just something suspenseful about the writing. I'm not saying that I whole-heartedly recommend it, but it's a very good read, so if you're into some science... um... non-fiction (every incident was real) and actually enjoy leisurely reading (you're a freak), then check it out.

Lets talk about my leisurely time! What have I been doing? Well, aside from the normal computer stuffs, I've been doing some nice gaming. I recently acquired Snow for the Dreamcast. Yes, I know, I can't read any of it and I have far less than a conversational grasp of the language, but darnit, I find that it's a fun game and that's all that matters, isn't it? ^_^ The story seems intriguing. I need to try to find a summary or something sometime. ^_^;; Oh, I picked up the Sakura Taisen movie today. I really like the movie. It's such eye candy. I love high budget Production I.G. stuff (but what of theirs isn't high budget? ^_^;). I'm such a big ST fanboy. I'm glad I finally get to ditch my crappy fansubbed version. No fansub can even touch upon DVD quality goodness. Whoever is satisfied with digisubs has very low standards. Or possibly mine are too high. Nah~... couldn't be....

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Sunday, September 28, 2003

I feel like I've been neglecting this thing. I've had it in mind for the last few nights, but either I've been 1. busy with something else or 2. too tired and/or sleepy to bother. But I'm writing now and darnit, I'm going to make an honest effort to write more reguarily. Lets put my goal at a new entry at least every other day. *determination*

Lets see.... School's going fine. Haven't really gotten into anything yet. The art classes are taking their time starting up, as we can't go straight into things without some explaination of the mediums and because of the fact that not everyone has the necessarily materials. ^_^; I have them though. ^_^ Eh... really not much to say on that front....

Yesterday, I had a grand ol' time with the buds. At about 5:30ish, we went to a nearby park to play some tennis. Let me reinterate for those who do not know, but I'm not fond of sports, nor am I any good at them. I'm playing it only because my friends are playing. All things considered though, it isn't bad. My friends and I have a good time playing and messing around. I really enjoy being with friends, so I suppose you could say I have fun. Hah... I think that's the first time I've really said that playing a sport is fun.... Well, it's probably not the act of playing a sport itself that's the fun part, so I'm fine. ^_^

Directly following our little escapades with sports, we headed to the movie theatre to see this one movie entitled Mambo Italiano. It's one of those smaller movies that are currently only in limited release. What is it about? Well, think of something like Greek Wedding, as in it pokes some playful fun at the Italian culture, but with a slightly less than usual main couple. It's a gay couple. It's quite a fun movie. Not one of my favorites, but it was entertaining and genuinely funny, so if your interest is piqued, I don't think it's a bad idea to go out and see it. ^_^

I've been doing soldering project recently. That's unusual because, well, I generally never do soldering projects. ^_^; Over the last week, I've undertook two projects: the assembly of an American-style arcade stick and the modding of my Dreamcast (which I've put off for three oddwhat years ^_^;). Just a while ago, I finished both. I would have finished sooner, but I only got the mod chip for the DC yesterday and I needed to rewire the arcade stick because it wasn't reading inputs consistently. So, with some time I had today, I sat myself down and did some quality soldering. I'm finally feeling better about my soldering skills. Been doubting them for a while, but I didn't make any mistakes that I can tell, so yay! XD I'm really getting the hankering to mod my Xbox and PS2 now.... XD

Unfortunately, I think I'll need any money I can for a new video card. You see, I intend to play Final Fantasy XI for PC. In fact, I already have it pre-ordered. ^_^ However, my current Nvidia GeForce4 MX420 is far too weak to run the game decently. Thus, before its release on the 29th of October, I need to get myself a new card or else I'm doomed to play it with horrendous slowdown. -_- That's why currently, I'm eyeing the GeForceFX 5900 Ultra.... XD If not, then maybe the RADEON 9800 Pro.... XD Aw man, I can see the big "withdrawl" entry in my online banking statement right now.... ;_; Man, what I do for gaming....

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