Saturday, October 5, 2002

*Eats pineapple cake* Mmm~...

*Sigh* Been up to studing and such today. You know, looking at math stuffs and reading for my art history class. Boring stuff really. Of course, if you know me at all, you'll know that I've been slacking off a lot too. ^_^; Been watching more Full Moon wo Sagashite. Up to episode 14 now. Such a sweet series. ^_^

Today I got my checks. Yep, I opened a checking account a little while ago and ordered checks. They arrived today. They are just standard Washington Mutual checks, nothing special. I don't need any sweet frilly images on them. Hmph! Although, I really wouldn't mind having nature shots on them, but oh well, them things cost more. A few days ago, I got my ATM card, so now I'm all set. What's great about the ATM card is that it has a Visa logo on it. You know what that means? It's essentially a Visa card. Score! I can order things online behind my parents' backs now! ^_^ Yo, Nanona, expect some stuff showing up on your doorstep sometime. ^_^ Heh heh.... So yah, now I can make an eBay account and a Paypal account. w00t! Just need to make sure there's a decent amount of money staying in my account. I need a job, yo. -_-

For dinner today, I had some crab. Mmm~... craby.... ^_^ Apparently it's crab season now, so they're on sale at some store, so my mom went out and bought some. After watching Iron Chef with the crab theme yesterday, of course my crab didn't look quite as appetizing, but it tasted good enough. Crab is always good. ^_^ It's a good thing my dad gave me most of the meat. Yay.

Hey folks, help me find a song. I've been watching the opening to Memories Off 2nd over and over cause I like the song. *coughdoesn'thurtthatthere'recutegirlscough* Anyway, it's entitled "Ashita tenki ni..." and it's sung by Remi. If anyone has it or could help me find it, please send it this way. Darnit, need to get the game someday....

La de da, that's enough for today. What do you expect? I've been home all day. Like I ever do anything at home. ^_^

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Just Wingin' It version 13: "Jinchuu"

I'm sure everyone has noticed the change. And I'm sure the regulars have really noticed something: there's no girl! Yah... I decided to make a layout using a guy this time. Why? Because Enishi rulz. ^_^ Them insane guys are really interesting, especially Enishi. He has the coolest insane smile. Anyway, about the layout... this one is different from my usual stuff. The main picture there? I CGed it. And yes, it is supposed to look crappily CGed. I did that for stylistic purposes. What I really like about this layout is those bar things lining the top left-hand corner of your screen. Them things look really cool. I kinda did them by mistake, but hey, it's all good. ^_^ So yah... give me input.

Yes... now... Tichan, now I'll get to work on you know what. ^_^

Sure, call me. I'll await the call. ^_^

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Thursday, October 3, 2002


Daggonnit. Nothing ever happens to me anymore. Since starting college, things have been really mundane from day to day. At least in high school I had more friends and thus more excitement in my school life. Meh.

Just been up to the schooling and such. I'm already getting lazy. ^_^; Yah, I know it's bad, but oh well. Whatever. At least calc hasn't gotten very hard yet, so I'm fine. We're still going over limit stuff right now. It's all pretty basic really. Besides, the TI-89 does limits for me. ^_^ We're doing limit laws. Gwar! It's so reminiscent of trig and all those identities I tell you! I didn't think I'd have to do this kind of straight memorization in calc. Gwar!

Today I had a test in my philisophy class. It was one of those "choose from the word bank" kinds of tests. Not really bad. I went through it in a reasonable amount of time. I made sure not to use the same answer twice. After finishing the entire test, I noticed on the top was written something along the lines of "you may use answers multiple times or not at all." -_- I had to go over my whole test again because there were some answers I changed because the answer seemed to go better in another question. Gwar. At least I fixed it and finished it all good-like. Woo.

As for my social life, I'm actually seeing people every once in a while, so I'm not exactly shut out from the world like I used to be in high school. Only, I'm feeling really shut out. I feel like I'm off my myself a lot. I guess it's because I spend all my time at home in the computer room. It's not a bad thing though. I'm really comfortable being by myself. Around who else can I be so natural? Honestly. I've just been kinda isolating myself and downloading/watching Full Moon wo Sagashite, with the occasional homework assignment on the side. ^_^ Sure, it's a boring life, but at least I get to be in happy anime land. Mitsuki's cute. ^_^ Go pedophilism! XD

That's all for now I don't know what else to write. Meh....

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Monday, September 30, 2002

Doo be doo... I'm so~ very bored! -_- Need to do something to keep my sanity.... Writing... yes... writing....

My day was rather busy today. There was the usual school. That was alright. In my calc class, we're now going over limits. Pretty easy stuff really.

Today marks the day when I officially start to worship the math gods for letting me have a TI-89. Or would that be the capatalistic gods.... ^_^ Anyway, it does so~ many things! As we were going over limits today, I found and tried out the limits function. Worked like a charm. The great thing is that I didn't even know how to use the limit function, but there's a little handy button marked "catalog." This ingenious button opens a... well... catalog of how to use the calculator's functions. Score! I love my calculator! Now I just need to name it.... ^_^

After getting out of school, I made a run over to the post office. Why? I had to get in my Fanime pre-reg. Today's the last day of $30 pre-reg. Why did I wait til the last day? Simple, it all started two years ago.... *cue flashback* Younger David: "oh crap! I forgot to send in my pre-reg! Today's the last day for $30 pre-reg!" *completes pre-reg form, gets check, and goes to post office to get it postmarked* *end flashback* (great flashback, eh? XD) Since then, I've made it a tradition to mail in my pre-reg on the last day of $30 pre-reg. It's just something fun to do. ^_^ Anyway, with that, now I'm pre-regged for Fanime. w00t!

Afterwards, I headed to MGL for some SCII lovin'. Played some. People complimented my Cassie's AI. I felt good. My little one's growing up and getting recognition. ;_; <--those are proud tears there

I went by my old high school to look around to see if anyone was still around. Found a couple of my friends: Shelly and Eric. I took them home. First, we went to Eric's. He was going to burn a CD for Shelly, so we came in and took a look around. It was the first time I went in his house. He showed me his stuff and such. I insulted what seemed like just about all of it. XD Seriously speaking, his stuff isn't really all that bad, but it's all entirely too insultable with my knowledge of better stuff. ^_^ Eric made me happy. I'm proud that my stuff is so much less insultable. XD After having fun insulting time, I took Shelly home and went home myself.

Since then, I've just been sitting around. I finished my homework and such already. Now I'm just bored. Very, very bored. I need something to do! AGH! I've been refreshing the Fanime forums over and over, hoping that there's a post to comment about. IT'S NOT WORKING!!! I NEED STIMULATION!!! I'll just go and... try to find something to do now. *Twiddles thumbs*

(My, I'm surprised by my colorful language today. *shock*)

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Sunday, September 29, 2002

Today was a big, long day of nothing.

I spent most of the day just looking at my math. My dad's been harassing me about "getting ahead" in my studies, so he's telling me to read ahead several chapters in my math book. Gwar.... I suppose it'll be a help in class and all, but I don't like it. I want to be a lazy bum and go along with the teacher, darnit! Whatever....

Today my mommy bought me a three drawer storage... thingy. It's one of those "cheap plastic, clear drawer" deals. She wanted me to have a place to put my games and anime because they've been cluttering my computer room for a while. So I stuffed stuff in there and now things are pretty darn clean around here. ^_^ It wasn't exactly an easy task getting everything in there though. I didn't have any space for my systems or controllers at all. I filled it all up with my CDs and Amarays (not even all my Amarays). ^_^; Yah... I have a lot of games and DVDs. Honestly speaking, I'm actually kinda happy that my mom got me this thing. I've been really, really disorganized with my games and anime, so this thing makes sure that everything's all nice and neat in one little storage unit. I won't have to search forever to find everything. ^_^

Outside of studying, I've also been up to watching some Comic Party. Yah... it's been a while since I last watched the series, so I watched it over again. Aaa~... there should be more series like Comic Party. It actually makes you proud to be an anime/manga/doujin fan. There aren't enough series like that these days. Besides, Taishi is hilarious! "We... broke... sound... barrier!" HAHAHAHA!!! ^_^ Yay for Comic Party.

Hey, I'm instigating a new log crew, yo! ^_^ Heh heh... anyway, yah, I'm starting a new Nadesico log crew. Why? There are so many already? Yes, true. However, I've seen a bunch of these other crews and they're for smaller--and in my opinion--less deserving series. Nadesico is a work of art. It deserves a log crew, dagnabbit! And thus, you have the reason for the conception of the Nadesico crew. I claimed Ruri-chan of course, but everyone else is open. Unlike the other crews I've started, I haven't established a list of characters yet. Just choose a character when you decide to join.

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Aaa~... been having an interesting few days.

Been continuing with class as usual. Yesterday, I had a quiz in my calc class. Gwar.... Seriously, it wasn't that bad, but I just messed up. -_- Yah... there were three questions. I got the first one fine. The second one was one of those "use your knowledge learned from this chapter to do this type or problem you've never seen before" types of problems. I didn't get that. The third one involved writing and equation and plugging numbers in. What pisses me off is that I couldn't get the equation before time ran out. Gwar.... So yah... I didn't do well. At least my teacher's going to drop the two lowest quiz scores, so I gotta make sure this is one of them. That shouldn't be too hard to do... will it...?

Went out to Kinokuniya again because I had time and I wanted more manga. ^_^ I picked up the Vampire Savior manga volumes 3 & 4. Good stuff. There's some sweet art, drawn by Mayumi Azuma, the person who draws the Star Ocean manga (not Blue Sphere, that's Mizuki Aoi). You know how I said that I felt like less of a pedophile? Well... that feeling didn't last for too long. ^_^; Lilith just has to be that cute, doesn't she? Eh... anyway, about the manga... I really like it, so I ordered volumes 1, 2, & 5, so they should arrive in a few weeks. w00t.

Today, I went to my friend Carolyn's house for a discussion group. She's a girl scout and she's supposed to hold these things. First, she hands "young adults," between the ages of 15-25 or so, questionaires with questions about important teen issues. You know, stuff like racial discrimination, depression, suicide, and the like. We were asked to mark how strongly these things influenced our lives. From there, the results were tallied and the top issues were discussed. What I realized when I was filling out the questionaire, was that many of those issues really didn't make a big impact in my life. I was marking things like (on a scale of 5) 0-3. When I saw other questionaires later, I saw things like 3-5. ^_^; Yah... I guess I live a sheltered life. Oh whatever. Moving onto the discussion part, we narrowed our subjects down to (and I'm sure I'm leaving some out): self-mutilation, suicide, moving out, parent pressuring for better grades, retaining virginity, and sexual abuse. I kinda realized this before, but while we were talking, I realized just how many of these things haven't really been provailent in my life. Seriously speaking, I have yet to encounter most of those issues in either my life or any of my friends' lives. I guess I just make friends with very stable people? I don't know. Something else I noticed is that while were were talking about guys having issues, the idea that most guys, when troubled, just keep things to themselves and shut themselves away from the world because of their pride. From personal experience, I would say that that's true, but personally, it's slightly different. Unlike most guys, I really don't have much of the traditional "manly pride." But, I do shut myself and my emotions away. Yes, I know it isn't healthy, but I'm fine with it. What many people don't realize, is that for about the first 14 years or so of my life, I was more or less a loner. I never really socialized. During that time, I developed a habit of keeping everything inside because I had no one to talk to. Because of that, to this day, I don't like to talk about my emotions. It's something I'm extremely uncomfortable doing. This log is cool in that I can jot down things that I could never say in real life, but I still cannot bring myself to get out everything that I'm feeling. Meh... whatever.

Later, I went to my friend Lan's mother's birthday party. Good times. I haven't been to a spiffy party in a while. It was good spending time with some friends, in a nice big party atmosphere. After the eating, we did things like practicing our grifting (sp?). We got paper cups and put stuff underneath and tried did the whole "we move the cups really fast and you try to find the thing underneath afterwards" trick. I rule at that because I have a really quick eye when I'm paying attention. ^_^ I'm sure I'm not nearly as good when the person doing it is one of those peoples on the street or something. You know, them peoples that do it all day and for a living or something. Yah.... Also, later, we discovered 3 little kitties outside. They were so cute! ^_^ So we tried to call them over to us, but they wouldn't come. =( Darn kitties.... All in all, yummy food and lots o' fun equals a good time. ^_^

You don't see this too often folks, but I'm going to talk about my emotions. *pauses for gasps* Ahem... it kinda went through my mind recently that I miss having a girl to like. I'm sure some of you don't quite understand why I'm feeling this way. "Isn't it better not pining over someone you can't have?" True, I suppose. It's just that, I guess I kinda miss the feeling of being happy around someone I like in that way. It's a different and kinda nice feeling. Sure, it comes with some less than favorable feelings, especially when it's not going to work out, but all in all, I wouldn't mind going through that. Wow... I haven't really felt this way for a while. I've gotten a hecka lot more cynical about love. Heck, life in general. Things like this don't usually go through your head when you're as cynical about love as I am. Well... there is the pining over anime/manga/game girls, but that's always a given. ^_^

Anyways, that's all for now. I'm off to flip through my Vampire Savior mangas again to find cute pictures of Lilith now. XD

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