Thursday, October 16, 2003

Just wanted to point out that Ms. Zumi has now made a plush Neo Geo AES to add to the collection. NEO GEO!!! XD While the other plushies were approximately the same size as the original console, this one seems a tad on the smaller side. I can only ponder why that is, but I don't really care much because it's every bit as adorable as all her other pieces. A Dreamcast and now an AES? I'm so~ purchasing these if they're ever made available. XD

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

After school today, I was going to meet up with a friend at her school, which is actually not to far away from mine. Usually, I didn't go on a certain street, but today I decided to take it because I recently found out that it is one of the, if not the most, direct route to my destination. So there I was, just cruising along, when I saw a motorcycle behind me. Didn't really pay much attention until I reached a red light nearby and then I realized that it was a cop! He pulled up to me and told me that I was speeding. -_- You see, I was going along a pretty large street. One of those, that go through commercial areas and shopping centers. However, for a portion of the road, it turns into a residential area. -_- So, believeing that that speed limit was 40mph, I was going 45mph, as is my general custom to go five miles over inner-city. The limit was 30mph. -_- Aw man. So, he told me to go off into a smaller cross street. There, he wrote up a ticket. All things considered though, he was a very nice man. He asked if this was my first ticket, to which I replied "yes," and because of that, he walked me through the entire ticket writing process and told me what exactly he was jotting down at all times. Then he also told me about what I would have to do about it in fair detail. Because of that, I respect the man, but geez, I wish that he didn't catch me. -_- Later, chatting with my friend, she told me that that is a speeding trap. Well, being that I don't live in the city and am very unfamiliar with the streets (to say the least), I had no idea. Aw man, I have to go to traffic school now. I hear that it's unbelievably boring and it takes all freakin' day! -_- *Sigh* Oh well, I'll live....

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Monday, October 13, 2003

Something of a milestone happened today: I have assembled my first computer in its entirety. Sure, I've done plenty of upgrading, troubleshooting, and research on computer components before, but no one has ever had enough 1. money and 2. faith in me to let me make an entire computer by myself. That changed within the last week as my friends and I were (and still are) getting hardware in anticipation of the release of FFXI. My friend Anthony has the money for a killer system, but he wants to keep on a budget, so I offered to make him a system and he accepted. After a little research into more recent hardware standards and such, we went out shopping on Sunday. I gotta say, we picked up some mighty decent stuff and, while trying to keep prices to a minimum, we got everything we needed for $560 after rebates. Score! ^_^ Today, we assembled at one of my other friend's, Sataya's, house to assemble it. Things went very smoothly. The only really noticable problem was the fact that the system was refusing to recognize the floppy drive. O_o; Not such a big deal, but still annoying. So yes, my friend is now the proud owner of the SAD-DC-001 system. SAD standing for SAD Industries, an acronym of our names and DC-001 meaning "David Custom Unit One." XD So, what kind of hardware would you find in this computer? Below follows a list of the most important specs:

CPU: Athlon XP Barton 2500+ clocked at 1.83GHz
Memory: 512MB DDR333/DDR2700 SDRAM
Video: RADEON 9600
Hard Drive: 120GB

Man, now I'm envious.... ;_;

But moving onto other things, today I filled out a transfer agreement to transfer to SJSU as an animation major. I came to the councelors' office in the morning slightly before they said they'd start: 7:30 (when it would start). I was the fourth person in line, so it didn't take [i]too[/i] long to see a councelor. OMFG, it takes a [i]long[/i] time to fill one out! X_x It took the better part of one and a half to two hours! ;_; But hey, it was a good thing to do because now I'm guaranteed admission as long as I do everything I said I'd do and, let me tell you, I'll do them. *Sigh* Now it's official and there's no turning back. I've been branded for the rest of my educational career with a four-year institution and a major. I kinda miss the days when I could aimlessly go to school, but I guess all things have to come to an end. Now I'm working towards a career that I'll be doing the rest of my life. Geez, growing up sucks. It doesn't matter if you enjoy your major or not, the very fact that you're essentially stuck with it for the rest of your life is somewhat restricting if you ask me. But hey, what can I do? The system is the system. Just live with it and try to have fun, as I like to say.

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