Wednesday, October 22, 2003

My second class, ancient art history, was canceled today. XD Because of that, I was left with a good few hour chunk to kill before I met my friend, Tina, to spend some time with her. As our schedules go, usually I'd get out at 12:10, while she gets out around 11:55. Unfortunately for me, since my second class was canceled, after my first class got out at 8:20, I was left with pretty much nothing to do. I figured I'd go to Sunnyvale Golfland (SVGL) to play around a little bit. I was hoping that they'd have Samurai Spirits Zero, as I haven't played a good SS game in a long time. And besides, I want to see the Nako tweaks. ^_^ I went by there aroudn 9:30 or so and it wasn't open, which is to be expected because I know Milpitas Golfland (MGL) doesn't open until 10:00. So, I headed down the street for a while, hoping to find a place to play and kill some time. I happened upon a Toys 'R Us! XD XD XD I mean, really now, who doesn't love toy stores? XD I looked around a little until I decided to play some of the video game demo machines. Man, Viewtiful Joe is such a pimp game. I need to pick that up someday....

Sometime not too long after 10:00, I headed over to SVGL. I headed immediately for the fighting games. No SSZ. ;_; So, not feeling the urge to spend my money on other games, I headed over to the DDR machine and watched a couple of pretty hardcore players getting in some early practice. They disgust me. No one is supposed to be that good. -_- They were, like, getting 200+ combos. -_- Eventually, I gave in and decided to play something. I picked SNK vs Capcom Chaos because I haven't had any quality time on that yet. Just picked up Kasumi for a round or two a while back. This time, I played Shiki. I so~ would have picked Athena if she was unlocked, but unfortunately she wasn't. -_- At least Shiki isn't such a bad character. I'm considering importing the game now. ^_^

Picked up Ms. Tina afterwards and while we were driving about, she told me the most interesting thing: the Toys 'R Us I went to is supposedly haunted! O_o I was, like, woah because I don't think I've ever been in one of those locals of urban legends before, let alone an apparently famous one. Who'da thunk? Apparently most of the happenings happen in the left side of the store and, as far as I can remember, the video game section I was in is in the right portion of the store. I imagine nothing would have happened had I been in the left side, but just to make a note.

Tina and I went to Kinokuniya and ate some at Mitsuwa. I had some kake udon. I like~ udon.... =3

Lets see... misc bits...

I got my hair cut. My head feels so much more... bare.... My hair was long enough to reach over my eyes. Now it's... not.... I'm not used to it. I accidentally used too much shampoo. ^_^;

I applied to San Jose State University late last night. Hopefully I'll be accepted. Suppose I really don't have much to worry about because I've completed the requirements rather handedly, but you never know. I hear that admissions is pretty swamped with apps. Well, if all things go right, I'll be attending the campus next year. It's going to be so convenient because it's relatively close to my house. ^_^ And no, that's not the only reason. I hear they don't have a shabby animation department. *thumbs up*

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

And life is an never ending stream of mediocrity. Don't know if there's much to say, but I'll give it a shot....

Went to my friend Hava's birthday party this last Saturday. Basically, it was a casual gathering. So for the most part, I just sat around and chatted with people. OK, I take that back, I wasn't chatting much. I'm not a terribly great conversationalist.

An interesting thing to note about this party was that it was a costume party. Unfortunately for me, I don't have a costume to wear. ^_^; It was either: 1. wear a costume or 2. bring a present. I was kinda running late already, so I didn't dress up and gave her an I.O.U. ^_^;; Man, I was hoping that I would have my RO priest outfit by now, but things kinda went nyeh and it's actually in Davis with my sister. ^_^;

Another point of interest: Hava got a "Playboy bunny" outfit. ^_^;;;;; It wasn't the average outfit. More like a thrown-together affair that doesn't look much like the real bunny outfit, but it would serve the job just fine. After opening her presents, she went upstairs to try it on. While this was happening, I was hanging out with the guys in the kitchen eating and otherwise staying in our own happy world of manliness. The girls were cohersing us to go upstairs and peer at the scantly clad Hava. ^_^;;; And, even though Hava does have a nice figure, we all declined. Why? Guess you could say that none of us were particuarily interested in Hava in that way.

Hm... other stuff in my life.... Oh, I got a new CPU! XD I swapped out the awful piece of Pentium 4 Willamette 1.5GHz for a new Northwood 2.6GHz. Yes, I am quite happy. XD Although, in all honesty, I really don't notice much of a difference in my daily computing because I recently reformatted my hard drive, so it was already pretty zippy. It does make quite the difference in gaming though. I'm all geared up for FFXI now. XD Yes, I am a computer geek. Go me! XD

You know, I was in for the most delightful surprise today: my 3:30-6:10 class was canceled today. I was, like, woah! I think my teacher mentioned it last week, but I forgot, so I got there on time, only to find that we weren't meeting. -_- Instead, I went to see if the young'uns from my old high school were still about. Apparently they weren't. -_- So, feeling the need for some company, I went to the nearest of their houses; the abode of a boy named Eric. Essentially, we just killed time chatting, getting something to eat, and checking out Borders for some manga.

Interesting topics we talked about. We went over some stuff about what kind of girls we like. Now honestly, I can see where the desire for a domestic woman comes from, but I personally think that's a little boring. I like my women to have some life; some personality. I also have a thing for younger women. ^_^ Yes, being that I'm nineteen, I can proudly proclaim that I am a pedophile! XD XD XD XD XD I think the legal definition of a pedophile is a non-minor having sexual desire for a minor. Well... my sex drive isn't exactly acting up, but I think that young girls are really cute, so there! XD

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