Saturday, October 26, 2002

Just came back from my friend's yearly Halloween party. Well... considering how a party is just more convenient on a weekend, she decided to have it today instead of on the actual Halloween day.

The thing with me is that I can never really get into what one might consider the "party spirit." While everyone else is having fun chatting and, at least in our case, horse playing around, I can generally be found either sitting around or lying around quietly. I don't know why. It's just that I never feel like joining in when everyone is upidy and being disorderly. Call me dull. So much of the time was spent lying around for me. Yep. It wasn't a bad party though. It was actually rather fun cause I don't often get out and have gatherings with my friends like that.

Hm... it always seems that year after year, after each Halloween party, I always get something in my head to think about. The last maybe two years it was stuff about girls, but this year is different. As a general rule, I've become a lot less romantic and a lot more realistic over the last year. That's probably why. Anyway, as I was saying, this year I got something in my head: why do I command such much respect? I've wondered about this since I first heard that people respected me. Apparently, as I've been told, many people respect me, trust me, and all those other positive things. Now I don't know if any of you have ever been in such a situation, and thus are able to relate to me, but I guess I'm just a little overwhelmed. I suppose I feel everyone's expectations for me are just too high for me. And yah... I can't describe it any better, so nyeh....

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Friday, October 25, 2002

The personality type you score highest reflects your dominant behavior pattern (if you did not score much higher on any one type then you probably don't have a main type). Your highest scoring behavior pattern is:

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Your results on all types are calculated into a MEAN which reflects your general nature. Your MEAN is 4.85.

sub 5 MEAN
too self involved
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too needy
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The MEAN (general nature) is the best gauge of the sum of who you are because it reflects all your type scores. The MEAN reflects all your influences - environmental, genetic, conscious, and unconscious. Western cultures tend to value some 'above 5 MEAN' values more but they are just as off the mark as 'sub 5 MEAN' values. Your main type is especially important because it reflects the behavior you consciously choose to operate by more often. For example, if your general nature was a car, your main type would be the lead driver. But, the best driving can't make a slow car go fast. So even if you had a Type 8 main type, if your MEAN is below five, your general nature is still too slack. Unlike a car though, you can change your general nature in time. The ideal MEAN to strive for is 5.00 and the ideal main type to work towards is type 5. Whether you are above or below 5.00 you are unlikely to have problems with all the issues listed but the further your MEAN is from the middle the more issues you will have and/or the more severe those issues will be.
That doesn't surprise me. I generally think of myself as a rational, logical person.

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Thursday, October 24, 2002

Any of you remember that writing assignment I had to do for ICS5? You know... when I went to the San Jose Museum of Art? Here's what I got. Yes, I owned that assignment. ^_^ Yes, and remember that I did this the day before. Not to mention that I probably spent a total of three hours on it. And then, most of that time was spent at the actual museum. Yes, I rule. XD Let this be a lesson to all of you: procrastination (and some good BSing skills) gets you places. XD

Something that came up today during my Philosophy class reminded me about something: most people don't know the proper definitions for a metaphor and simile. So for your educational enrichment, I shall now tell you:
Metaphor=a comparison between two dislike objects
Simile=a comparison between two like objects
Yes, a simile does not have to have the words "like" or "as." I repeat, a simile does not have to have the words "like" or "as." As long as the two objects being compared are similar, then it is called a simile. What your grade school teachers taught you is wrong. I surmise that they say such because it makes the concept easier to understand. Because similes generally use the words "like" or "as," it's just easier to explain it in such a manner. I can see what they're trying to do, but they really shouldn't lead on the poor ignorant children for that long.

So aside from school... eh... it's still cold...? Yah, I'm surprised that it wasn't even the slightest bit sunny today. The weather's been changing too quickly lately. I can remember... maybe a week ago, when the days were warm and there was plenty of sun to go around. What the heck happened?

Blah... there really isn't much going on with me. I want some excitement of some sort. My life's basically school and staying in the house and playing on the computer. What a life, eh? That's kinda why I miss high school. Sure, college would be fine, but I don't have any friends. I'm not the type to make friends easily. At least in high school, I was forced to stay in school and see people all day. In college I only see people for maybe an hour and then after class, everyone just goes off along their own way. It's really impersonal. Because of that, I can't seem to make any friends. Me and my loneristic ways.... Oh whatever. I'll probably make a friend someday. Probably.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

It's cold these days. What the heck happened? It was warm... actually, it was rather hot and then all of a sudden, *bam,* it became cold. The weather's strange like that I guess. Although it's actually been cold for a few days, today my dad actually turned on the heater in the house. I don't see why he did it, considering how I'm never cold. Although, that's probably because I'm always in the relatively small computer room which is always warm because of the heat eminating from the computer and my own body heat. Oh well.... You folks know what happens when you don't use the furnace for a while? Well... when you turn it on, there's this burning smell that's given off. Not very pleasant. But it's gone now, so it's alright.

Interesting tidbit: today I got my first copy protected CD. Yes, copy protected CDs are evil, but I can't seem to find any J-Pop singles without it. -_- Well... in case you're wondering, I picked up BoA's Kiseki/No. 1 single today. Of course I got it for No. 1 because that song rulz. ^_^ What I didn't expect is that it's translated into Japanese. I didn't even know that there was a Japanese version. ^_^; Oh whatever. It still sounds good. As for what it'll do in my computer, I tried it out. When I pop it in, I get a little music listener thing that'll play back the CD on my computer. Problem is, it'll only play it back at 48 kbp. -_- That's crap quality. Oh well... I guess I'll just have to pop it into the Bose system (which happens to be my computer audio system) when I want to listen to it. No biggy.

Life is boring.

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Monday, October 21, 2002

Today I received the first thing I bought online using my check card: Comic Party for Dreamcast.

Yes, I got Comipa. XD I've been meaning it get it for a while, but it's been a little harder to find more recently considering how it kinda went out of print a while ago. Luckily for me, Sega's rereleasing games under the Dreamcast Collection label. Essentially, it's just like the initial pressings, but there's a Dreamcast Collection sticker on the outside of the wrapper. So when I heard this, I ordered my copy from National Console Support, and it reached my doorstep today.

Fun game. Considering how I can't read a word... symbol of Japanese, I've been going kinda blind though it. ^_^; At least the DC version has full-voice. So that means that I get to make out somethings every once in a while. ^_^;; Oh well... whatever. I've pretty much gotten the hang of most of it. I spent a while trying to learn what each option does and I think I pretty much got it down now. The main thing I need to know now is how to save. ^_^; Yes, I don't know how to save. -_- Dang... them guys at Leaf sure felt the need to hide the save feature well or something. -_-

From what I've played, it's pretty nice. I love the CGs. ^_^ Gotta love Cut a Dash! art (that's circle that made the character designs for the game). Anyway, I went through the beginning part. In the beginning, Taishi takes Kazuki and Mizuki to a convention. Dang that sequence is long. -_- At least it was pretty interesting and at least I got to see Emi, which is always good. ^_^ As time went on, I got to the actual game portion and when I did, I decided to see Minami a lot. ^_^ Hey, gotta love slighty older women with an elegant bearing. ^_^

Unfortunately I kinda worked myself to death. ^_^; I forgot about my stamina and worked too hard on my doujin, so I got a game over. -_- Meh... I'll play again tomorrow. ^_^

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Sunday, October 20, 2002

Just came back from a dinner at my aunt's. Much of the family was invited. Fun times ensued.

At the dinner, my cousins and I hung out around the grill. Yah, now grilling's a man's way to cook. You just take slabs of meat and put it over fire. XD Yep.... Anyway, one thing I realized today: not very many people like well-done meat. I love well-done meat. I can't stand any less cause the redness just sickens me. I just can't bring myself to eating something so red and juicy. But that's me and apparently I'm different from most everyone else. -_-

Man, the young men in my family (myself included) are pathetic. None of us ever seem to have a girlfriend. -_- Because of this, occasionally we get other family members trying to fix us up with people. Well... to tell you the truth, I've never been approached by them, but my uncle and cousin get it all the time. Today, it was my cousin. My dad actually went up to him and kinda tried to set him up with someone. -_- It's pathetic. First, it was my sister, then it's my dad. -_- My uncle gets that all the time too. By golly does he get it all the time. It seems that everyone wants to set him up with someone just because he's in his thirties and he's well-to-do (he's making tons working for HewlettPackard). It's like they don't let up on him. Yes, we're a pathetic bunch we are. -_-

My little cousins are quite the rambuntious little rascals. They were going around playing with their toy lightsabers. They would go around, find one of my other cousins--who are about the same age I am--and they would poke them with the lightsabers in the butt. o_O Yah, you read correctly, in the butt. What the heck is wrong with children these days? I just sat down and was like, "well, I'm not standing up. One time, they happened to see a grasshopper on the wall and they were all trying to whack it with them sabers. Now I don't know about most people, but I have this thing where I don't think anything should die needlessly, so I grabbed their sabers whenever they swang. It was pretty easy. Eventually they stopped, but man, that was just too mean. Eventually, the grasshopper flew away and I was happy cause I thought it was safe. Unfortunately, later I found it apparently squashed into a welcome mat thing leading into the house. Poor thing.... -_-

Later in the house, I was just chatting with my cousins. The older folk were watching Paris by Night, which is a popular Vietnamese music program. I was just minding my own business when I heard someone rapping. I glanced over at the TV screen to see some Viet guys trying to look hardcore and rapping in english. Now I don't know about you, but I think that's the funniest thing in the world. It came completely out of the blue because you don't expect hardcore rapping when most Vietnamese music is a pretty soft, easy-listening affair. Sure, it was in english, but that didn't matter. What mattered was that there were these guys rapping, trying to look really hardcore, and doing hand signs. o_O I couldn't help but laugh. Hard. XD

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