Saturday, November 1, 2003

It's been about a week since I last updated this thing. ^_^;; But hey, I got a good reason. Well, some would argue whether it is "good," but it's a reason none-the-less: I was playing Final Fantasy XI. Yes, the game is friggin' addicting. As a matter of fact, as I was writing this entry, I went to the PlayOnline to get the URL to the official FFXI site and that led into a little reading, which led into popping into the game for a "little" while, which resulted in me coming back to this entry hours later. ^_^;;;

Now, you may ask, what is so great about FFXI? Being that my last and only MMORPG experience was Ragnarok Online, a lot. Sure, RO's great and I love it to pieces, but FFXI has something that RO just plain lacked: a feeling of immersiveness. RO was plenty fun, but what I think makes it pale to FFXI, at least technically, is the feeling that you're actually playing within a living, breathing world. RO's world felt like a game world. FFXI's, while obviouisly still maintaining a game world feeling, manages to shed much of it and replaces it with a vast world full of fantasy and wonder. I just have the urge to run about and explore. I miss that feeling in RPGs. The last one that gave me such a sensation was Eternal Arcadia. But, Arcadia didn't allow me to play with my friends did it? There's an amazing feeling when you're trying to take everything in and playing alongside your friends. It gives you a sense of community and such. It took a little while, but after getting a world pass to get all my friends on a single server, we've been going on group outtings all the time. Many fun times were had. Sure, I could go on about how technically good the game is in terms of system, but that doesn't really matter much when compared to the kinds of emotions the game stirs up within me. Yeah, I enjoy it muchly.

If you want to get in on the game with me, notify me and I'll get you a world pass code. I'm playing on the Bahamut server.

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Just Wingin' It version 20: "The Sacred Moon"

It has been months since I last updated the layout on this thing. I have been really slacking off there. ^_^; One of the primary reasons, besides just being lazy, was the fact that I couldn't decide on a layout subject. That is, until I watched Tsukihime and realized how cool Arcueid is. ^_^ Sure, I'd seen her before and she was "that pretty girl from Tsukihime," but nothing else. Thank goodness for game-to-anime adaptations. ^_^ Anyway, nothing spectacular at all. Actually, there's very little in the way of designing. There are no fancy smansy effects at all actually.... Rather, I focused on the usage of space. I think the negative spaces are very stylistic. Even with the lack of any demonstration of skill (of which you all know I possess XD), I think this is one of my better works. Arcueid makes a great subject. Maybe if I can find another spiffy image of her, I'll make another layout of her again someday.

Now time to reaccount the last few days' happenings....

Friday at work was so~ boring! X_x It was one of those days where no customers were coming in, so I had to go around the store cleaning for several hours. ;_; Cleaning's fine most of the time, but when it's the only thing to do for maybe five hours on end, it gets nyeh. I'm glad I'm working for my uncle though because I'm allowed to slack off a little. He doesn't expect me to actually be cleaning non-stop for such a large chunk of time. And, in fact, he let me sit around for maybe an hour and a half towards the end of the day, just slacking off. ^_^

Towards the end of my work day, my uncle and aunt noticed that there were a lot of people who were going to the neighboring furniture store. Yes, for your information, there is more than just one furniture store in that shopping center. Anyway, back to my point... there were a lot of people going over there and walking out with something that looked like a wooden box of some sort. A tad curious, he sent me over there to check things out. Besides, there was nothing to do anyway, so why not? Getting in there, I realized why there were so many people: it was their anniversary sale and they had sent out invitations. For those who were invited, they were given some boxy wooden CD holders. Obviously, I didn't have an invite. ;_; Well... well... they had some free yard sticks and snack items, so I took those! XD I got some cheese cake. I don't know about you, but cheese cake is one of the bestest foods in the world. Doesn't even touch meat, but comes up somewhere around second or third. XD

Saturday... I headed over to Stanford University's Cantor Center of the Arts. I have an assignment in my art history class to find a piece, write about it and its historical context... some other crap.... It's a nice place. they have some pretty spiffy stuff. On the plus side, I got stuff for my paper and I got to get onto Stanford campus (I don't go there nearly enough. It's a nice place.), but on the downside, I lost my squishy pink shoe eraser. ;_; That's, like, my favorite eraser and I've had it for years. I don't know how it got away from me. It should have been sitting happily in my pocket.... ;_; I'm gonna go try to find another one sometime.

Then that very night was some playing at the domacile of Ms. Tina. Fun times were had as we played Mario Party and I won the game, getting six stars while everyone else had one. XD XD XD XD XD OK, OK, so I took over a game about half-way done from Tina, but I got all them stars, so I'm good. XD XD XD XD XD Eh... some chatting.... Then some fooding at Armadillo Willy's. BBQ place, if you didn't know. Really good stuff. I had ribs and man, they were good. XD

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