Saturday, November 9, 2002

Today was one of those days where I just had to get out of the house. Those don't happen often. Sometimes I just get the urge to get away from my homely confinement. So, I went out with some of my friends.

We went to go eat at Todai. It's a spiffy, good Japanese buffet. Yummy. I like Japanese food. ^_^ Got myself a good variety of sushi (lots of it) and some udon. Mmm~.... I kinda forgot to get some sashimi though... so... that sucks. Otherwise though, I had some good eating. I need to go there more often.

Afterwards, we headed over to this person's house. You see, I went out with some friends and they brought along a person they are familiar with, but who I've never really hung out with before. Sure, I've seen her, but we never really got to know each other. We went to her house. Let me tell you, that place was scary. It's one of those old, slightly decrepit Victorian houses in downtown San Jose. We got there and most of them were all freaked out. Not only because of the general creepiness of the house, but because they happened to go watch The Ring yesterday. ^_^ Another thing that made it even worse was the fact that when her family bought the house, there were satanic writings and symbols written in one of the rooms. ^_^;;; She felt the need to show us the attic, which further freaked out them folks (I was fine). Now that wasn't all that scary, but then she took us to the basement. Now that was just a bit more scary. I was fine, but my friend was all freaked out. When we got down there, I noticed that one section of the basement looked a awful lot like the house in Blair Witch at the very end. You peoples are familiar with that house, aren't you? Well, I mentioned this to him and he got freaked out enough to dash out of there. XD I thought that was pretty funny. I laughed. A lot.

We played some air hockey on the air hockey table she had. Wow... air hockey is a violent game. If you thought that normal hockey was bad, you should see us play air hockey. ^_^; Especially with light pucks. Them things were flying everywhere. ^_^; They hit many people. They didn't hit me all that often. Of course... that's because it was I that was making them fly most of the time. ^_^; Well... I like hitting air hockey pucks hard, ok? I'm used to doing that at arcade tables where the pucks weigh enough so that they don't fly everywhere. But yah... had fun. ^_^

The sisterly unit has come home for the weekend. Yay. We're having fun. Talking, watching anime, slacking off, and reading fortune cookie fortunes while adding the words "in bed" at the end. Yep, fun times. Tomorrow we're going shopping. Woo. Eh... more as it develops...?

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Thursday, November 7, 2002

Wow it rained today.

Driving home today was horrible. When I got onto the road, the rain got really hard. When I say "really hard," I mean really hard. On the freeway, not only was there loss of traction (as happens whenever it rains), but I had limited visibility too. Yes, as if driving at 55+ mph with less traction weren't scary enough, I had a hard time seeing too. It's scary I tell you. I know I was pretty scared. I'm just glad that I got out of there relatively quickly. I did that by taking the carpool lane. I know I'm not supposed to and I generally don't because I think it's wrong to take a carpool lane without a passenger and because I'm never in such a hurry, but I opted to take it today. I really wanted to get out of there quickly and that helped. Da....

Well... aside from that, today was actually rather pleasant. I can't say that I'm particuarily fond of rain, but I'm don't exactly dislike it either. Whenever it didn't rain, I happened to enjoy the falling leaves. Yes, today the leaves finally started falling. Well... honestly, I think they started a few days ago, but it wasn't prominent enough for me to notice. Today, it was particuarily noticable. I just find the falling leaves really pretty. I guess that's what I like most about fall. I'm just simple like that.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Another mundane day in the life of the David. -_-

A notable is that I finally got my student ID card. You don't know how long I've been putting this off. Lets see... I started school on the 23rd of September.... 1, 2, 3... too many days. ^_^;; What I didn't expect going into the registration building, is that it really wouldn't take all that long. I just filled in this information form, got my picture taken, and bam! out comes my card. It's pretty spiffy too. There's this metal stuff on it and I know it's like one of those microchip thingies. You know... like in them new credit cards? Yah. What I don't like though is that I got this thing when my hair's abnormally short. It won't look like me most of the time. ^_^; Oh well....

After years of clamoring, anime fans will now have probably their one most vocal request: a 24-hour anime channel. Yes, you read right, ADV will be launching a new anime cable network. Entitled simply "The Anime Network™," it will bring the fans non-stop anime for their viewing enjoyment. If you want a bit more info, here's ADV's press release.

What do I have to say about this? Well... honestly, I'm surprised. I know it's a request often uttered by fans, but I never actually thought it would be happening. I guess anime has gone mainstream enough that it's actually a worthwhile venture for ADV. I remember the days when I had a hard time finding anime to buy and now it's going to be aired on TV? The youngin's have it so~ easy. But that's besides the point. I think this is a very big step for anime in America. With the launch of this network, anime will finally get the kind of exposure it deserves. Sure, Cartoon Network is showing anime, but their selection is rather limited. They don't seem to be willing to venture into very many genres. At least this network will cover a bit more ground. Knowing ADV, there's probably not going to be any hardcore shoujo stuff, but hey, it's still a step none-the-less. I applaude ADV. They've certainly become one of my favoriter anime companies in the last year or so. They do good work and have tons of good properties. They just need to work on releasing them faster. -_-;

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Monday, November 4, 2002

Oh my gosh, I love my art history class. You know why? Because it's one of the easiest classes I've had in years. XD I'm serious! I took a test in it... I think it was last Thursday and I got it back today. What did I get? 92/100. Yes, I rule. And what makes it more impressive was that the only studying I did was going over names and associating them with titles. Yes, that's all. I spent maybe a total of thirty minutes at most "studying." Now doesn't that just make me even cooler? Yes, worship me! I BS goodly! XD

I'm still not used to the shorter hairness. I'm just going around and I'm all like, "where the heck is the hair? I don't see it in front of my eyes...." Mah... I want my hair back.... ;_; It's going to take months to get it that long again. I predict three to four. Gwar I say, gwar.... *shakes fist*

Recently, I've been trying to clean out my harddrive. Decided to finally burn a bunch of anime that I've been putting off. I've just been too lazy. It take a whole five minutes to burn a CD! OK... so that isn't such a big deal.... I'm just lazy, ok? I have to open Nero and drag stuff. Way too much work. ^_^ Anyway, I happened upon stuff I forgot I had. ^_^; At least I sorted through most of it. Now I have a whopping 2-3 GB on both my C and D drives. Out of how much space? 20 and 40 GB. ^_^; Well... I'm working on it! I need to clear out more space on my D drive cause I want to defrag tonight and for a nice, happy defrag, I'll need at least 15% of the drive free. Oh boy. I'm in for a time burning/finding stuff to delete.

Du bi du. My life is boring. Why the heck are you still reading this? Go do something interesting. ^_^

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