Saturday, November 15, 2003

Atchaa~... it's been a while. I think this is the longest I've ever taken a break from logging. Don't worry, I haven't abandoned this thing and the logging thing still feels like a natural routine in my life, however FFXI would say otherwise. ^_^; I am now a level 15 white mage. Go me! XD

Something I suppose I should warn you all: don't procrastinate on two projects concurrently. ^_^; I had a research paper and an art project to do at the same time and I put them both off for about three to four weeks each. It comes down really hard on you if you pretty much do all of it the weekend before they're due on Monday and Tuesday respectivably. ^_^; It wouldn't have been too bad, but my art project was tedious like hoy! X_x Finished the paper and almost finished the art project, but before I could, it was class time. -_- Oh well, I think I did plenty to get sufficient credit. Honestly now, school hasn't treated me like that before! I was able to finish month-long projects the night before. I guess I just underestimated the monsterous amount of menial work. I guess I just have to be a tad more careful next time....

You know what sucks? When you come into your class, maybe ten minutes late, simply because you figure you can (it's college for crying out loud!) and everyone's taking a test. -_- It wouldn't have been too bad, but it was an art history test and maybe half of it consists of looking at slides and answering questions about them. By the time I got in class, they were maybe on question eleven. -_- Well, I got to it and did the rest and waited until Ms. Teacher Lady went through the slides again quickly after finishing one cycle. Wasn't really that bad, but still, it sucked. -_-

Eh... I'd say more, but stuff slips my mind. I'll post more when things come up. For now, ciao!

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