Saturday, December 7, 2002

I be entering finals week this week. X_x

Needless to say, I'm not exactly viewing this with anticipation. On the bright side, I'm pretty much guaranteed an A in two of my classes and I don't have to go to school on Wednesday. On the dark(?) side, I have a calc final. ;_; It's really the only final I have to study for. At the very least, it's on Friday, so I have a whole week to prepare. I have been trying to study all day. I've gotten some stuff done, but I've also slacked off a bit too much too. *cough* Doo bee doo.... ^_^;;

This week, in my philosophy class, we watched two videos. The first one was about advertising and such. Not too exciting. The second one though, was. It was a video about the great intellectual of our time: Noam Chompsky (I think that's a cool name ^_^) and how he sees the media. Apparently, he sees the entire United States media outlets in cahoots with the government to spread propaganda. I won't go into much detail, he says that before news reaches us, it goes through several filters, so what we eventually see is only what the government wants us to see. You know, I never thought of the media like that before, but you know what? That's so right! I can't believe that no one else saw it before! Since most all media is controled by several large corporations, they are bent to the will of advertisers, are reliant on information given to them by the government/businesses, and are given flak about "inappropriate" material. Are we really getting "news" by the time we see it on our televisions? Aside from this propaganda model, the video also went on to describe more of Chompsky's ideas. Man, this guy's a friggin' genius! I am so picking up his books someday. He may make some outragous claims--such as how he thinks televised sports are all really a big ploy by the government to make people think less--but I like him. He makes you think and he's not afraid to say what he thinks. He's defininately one guy I look up to.

Oh yah, on the subject of philosophy, about that research paper, I finished it. ^_^ Well... that's a given because I don't like to forget about 200 point assignments, but you know what's cool? Well... kinda cool... and sad at the same time. ^_^; I finished it in two days. ^_^ Yes, I honestly only really worked on it the day it was due and the day before. I'm proud of my mad procrastinating and BSing skills, yo! XD It doesn't even matter if I don't do well. As long as I get half credit, I'm fine. I have enough points in the class to cover a loss of maybe a hundred points. Yes, I'm that good. XD

I just noticed how it's already the 7th of December. My, how does the time fly? Christmas is nearing. Wonder how my Christmas will be this year. I'm still not feeling the holiday cheer yet. Is it just me or is there less holiday cheeriness going around this year? Where's the "you're not really happy, but because it's a 'special' time of year, you will be 'happy'" feeling? Bah!

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Sispre RePure rulz! XD I've gone through seven episodes and let me tell you, I'm so~ enjoying it. Especially episode 6: both Mamoru and Rinrin! XD XD XD It's all like too much cute girliness. XD Wait... there can never be too much cute girliness. XD XD XD I love Rinrin's story. It's so sweet! XD XD XD XD XD *watches as episode 8 downloads* Go faster, darnit!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2002

I'M COLD!!! *shivers* Darnit, it's not supposed to be this cold! Sure, it's winter and all that crap, but that isn't an excuse! ^_^ But seriously, I think tonight's the coldest it has been in my recent memory. Usually I can be found at the computer with a blanket draped around my legs, but today, I'm here with a blanket draped around my legs and a jacket on. A "not quite so fuzzy because its been in the wash one too many times, but is still pretty darn warm" jacket. I know some of you might call me a wimp or something because it really isn't that cold relatively, but still, I'm not used to extreme colds, so this is darn cold enough for me. I'm accustomed to nice Mediterranean weather, darnit! I don't want to work in these conditions.... I still have my research paper to finish. ;_; Darn research paper! Darn stupid political correctness, which is the topic of the paper! Gwar!

Man, I hear about the new digisubs anymore. -_- I suppose it's cause I haven't been hardcore downloading anytime recently. Today I found out that Sister Princess RePure (the second Sispre series) has already been released all the way up to episode 8! Yes, I'm so~ behind! Stupid peoples in DC without open slots don't help either. ;_; I've only gotten one episode the entire day! I should be able to get more on DSL! ;_;

Oh, on the subject of Sispre RePure, if any of you haven't heard, yes, it's a new Sispre series. This series consists of 13 episodes. Each episode is divided into two portions. The first half is a self-contained story focusing on one girl. The second half is an animated version of the Sispre character novels for one of the girls. Anyone expecting a continuation of the story from the last series is in for a disappointment. Whereas the first series was a completely original story, this series covers stories from the game and character novels. Essentially, it's a completely different universe. As for the look, after seeing the first episode, it appears that the character designs are essentially the same, but there is just more detailed artwork throughout. It looks better than the first series, let me tell you that. Although, that's not really saying much. ^_^;; I'm expecting good things. Me needs to see the Mamoru and Rinrin episodes. ^_^

Me gots an interesting letter in the mail today. Apparently Ameritech DSL, Southwestern Bell DSL, Pacific Bell DSL, Nevada Bell DSL, SNET DSL, and Prodigy DSL are all being combined under the collective name "SBC Yahoo! DSL." Apparently all those above DSL services were actually being provided by SBC, so I suppose they want to collect everything under one neat umbrella. I'm gonna have to upgrade to the SBC Yahoo! service (I had Pacbell DSL). Apparently I get some new benefits, but none of them seem extremely worthwhile, so it's basically gonna be nothing special. I'll do it tomorrow or so.

Darn Washington Mutual! Register my freakin' deposit already! I wants to order stuff online! *shakes fist*

Research paper, research paper.... ;_;

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Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Obviously, Thanksgiving "vacation" is over and now I'm back to the drudgery commonly refered to as "school." Well... alright, so it's not that bad. What is bad is the fact that I'll be having my finals next week. Yes, next week! I didn't realize that over vacation. If I had, I'd have put more work into my research paper for philosophy. ;_; Well... gotta make the best of my situation and study throughout this and next week. At least after this, I'll get a spiffy three-week vacation. I'm used to two-week affairs from high school, so three weeks is looking pretty good right about now. That's getting closer to a whole month. ^_^

You know what? Today I did something I haven't done in a very long time. I'd say a few months. You know what that'd be? I drew. Yes, I was really fed up with my teacher's horrid notes in math, so I just gave up on it, figuring that I'd just read the book, and decided to work on some drawing. Yes, I don't usually draw, but recently, I've been really admiring Mitsumi Misato's and Sasaki Mutsumi's work, so I went for it. Considering the amount of time I haven't been drawing, my work hasn't degraded much if any. Looks just like the kind of stuff I was churning out a little while back. That was a surprise. Although, I've still gots a long ways to go until I'm satisfied with my work, so until then, no one's seeing my work. ^_^ Yes, I'm insecure like that.

Something I'm happy about: I finally found the song I've been looking for! Does anyone remember from a while back when I said I was looking for the Memories Off 2nd opening "Ashita tenki ni..." sung by Remi? Well, I found it. Good ol' WinMX. ^_^ Me feels the need to order this game soon. Me likes Shizuru. Me needs monies, yo. ;_;

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Sunday, December 1, 2002

Yesterday was my friend and uncle's birthdays. Is it just me or are there more birthdays clustered towards the end of the year? There never seem to be any birthdays during... like, say... the spring. At least that's what it's always felt like for me. *shrugs*

Friend's (Nanona's) party:
More or less an informal gathering. We basically gathered at his house and spent our time there.

He was playing Harvest Moon for PS2. We had some fun with that. You wouldn't believe that Harvest Moon would be such a great party game, but we certainly made it one. ^_^ When he raced his horse, we were all like: "Go! Go! Take the inside!" And when he went to pick up on the girls, we were all like: "Go! Get your mack on!" ^_^ Good stuff. I gotta pick up that game sometime. XD

Then we played foose ball! Yes, I admit, I've never really played foose ball before, but after a game or two, I started doing rather decently for a guy who had only played for a game or two. ^_^ I suck at defense as usual. ;_; I don't get it. When I play table games (or at least foose ball and air hockey), I always seem to have the crappiest defense. ;_;

Grandpa's party:
Thing especially special. Just going out to eat, really.

When we got to the restaurant, we were pleasantly greeted by a Viet wedding reception. You know what that means? Lots and lots o' people. There were maybe three, four tables what were not being reserved. We had to take up two of those tables. -_- So, it was all like, here we were on this one side of the restaurant, all by ourselves, and everywhere else, it was the wedding crowd. -_- It didn't help that we were the only peoples who were there aside from the wedding folks. -_- Oh well. We basically just minded our own business and ate.

Chinese seafood we did consume. I think the restaurant was called... "Grand Fortune." Let me just say that that place wasn't all that great. -_- I've been to plenty of Chinese seafood places. There are tons around here and my family doesn't seem to eat any other kinds of food when they go out. -_- Because of this, I can kinda gauge things like the quality of that type of food. The food there was lacking in flavor. It seemed like everything was just milder than it should have been. I don't know about you, but eating food lacking in flavor just kinda takes the fun out of eating. Unless, of course, the dish is supposed to be mild. Unfortunately, these weren't supposed to be. -_- Bah.... At least there was a Tapioca Express right nearby. I popped in and got myself a peach milk tea with pearls. Mmm~.... I didn't know there was a Ioca on Monterey Road in San Jose.... Note note....

Now my cousin from So Cal's staying over. We intend to do something in just a bit. He's still asleep, so I suppose I'll take this opportunity to continue my work on my research paper for philosophy. Ciao!

Plugs: Mizuki, Hana

*Bowed down on knees* Sorry again Mizuki.

*cough* I will e-mail you. ^_^;;;;; *cough*

Good luck with the studying, imouto! ^_^ Like I said, you'll be getting e-mails. Although, considering the time it takes me to get off my lazy butt to actually write one, it might take a little while. ^_^;;;

Thanks for the compliment. So my log is a "mad mad page," eh? Of course it is. XD

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