Friday, December 13, 2002

Finals Day 3: Math 1A: Calculus Final

Agh! Me no feel good about my math final. ;_; Sure, I studied and all that stuff. It's just that my teacher seems to love torturing her students with the hardest/crappiest problems that she can think of. -_- Sure, you can learn the procedure all you want, but on the tests and especially quizes, she gives you such problems that'll still leave you wondering. Well... I tried my best and that's all I could ever ask for, so I'm not exactly feeling bad. Now that I'm done with the class, it's time to reflect. How was the class? Horrible. When your teacher doesn't explain adequately, gives you horrible problems on tests and quizes, and happens to like making the total points on tests 60 points, so that every single point matters, I don't think you could possibly like the class, even if you're getting a good grade. In my case, I probably didn't. I'm getting the feeling that I got a D. That means that I'll have to retake the class. ;_; How discouraging for my first quarter in college.

Needless to say, after the final, I got out of that classroom. Bad memories. Off I went to my friend Nanona's to pick up my Game Boy Advance. Yes, I got a GBA. ^_^ I'm so happy. I got Golden Sun and Zelda to play on it too. I'm going to be one happy camper this vacation. Oh, some of you might wonder why I had to go to Nanona's house to get it. That's because I ordered it online and sent it to his house. Why? Because of the last incident with my dad, I don't want him to find out about my purchases any longer. Nanona kindly allows me to send items I've purchased online to his house. So yes, I got a spiffy spice (orange) GBA to match my spice Gamecube. I already decided on a name. With my GC being "Tsubaki," I decided to name my GBA "Tsubomi." "Tsubomi" = flower bud. I figure that's a cute name for the small GBA. Besides, with the color scheme matching my GC, I thought a similar name would be cute. ^_^ Anyway, after getting my spiffy GBA, we went out and did stuff with some other peoples. We popped by the Great Mall and I picked up the third volume of I My Me! Strawberry-eggs. I'll watch that in a little.

So now that I have all my finals out of the way, I have vacation. VACATION!!! XD XD XD I'm going to have much funness... slacking off. ^_^;; Eh... I don't really have much planned. I'll just lounge around, try to do stuff with friends, and play my GBA. Yep, thus is my life. It's not really exciting, but hey, I think it's alright. Could be much worse. Oh, my sister's school schedule is just like mine, so she had her last final today too, so she came home for the holidays too. I'll probably be spending much of my time goofing off with her because, well, we're so much alike we compliment each other too well. That's what happens when you're living with someone for eighteen years (and get along with her). Oh, she gave me part of my Christmas present early! It's this LEGO Bionicle thing. It's the one in the green case with the two short swords. I tell you, this thing is so~ made for me! It's in a green case and, when assembled, it's wielding two short swords (which would be my ideal weapon setup). I'm having so much fun with it! It's all assembled and I'm all playing with the moving arms and the fun changable parts. I especially like the little black ball thingies I replace the limbs with so it looks like a war casualty. You know... like them peoples who lose an arm or leg and have a stub left? Yeah, like that. ^_^ I really shouldn't be having so much fun with this thing, but I can't help it. I'm simple like that. ^_^;

Eh... this all for now. But before I go, thanks everyone who wished me luck with my final. I suppose I kinda didn't live up to your expectations, but I tried my best. Thank you very much.

Correction about yesterday's post:
RO's not $10 a month. It's $10 for the entire test period. Oopsie.

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Thursday, December 12, 2002

Finals Day 2: ICS5: Multicultural American Art History Final

How was my final today? Rather peachy yet again. This week is going amazingly good so far. Of course, I never really expected much trouble with my first two finals anyway. So yes, about this final, we were given two hours for it. I finished this one in 35-40 minutes. ^_^ Yes, I topped my amazing 45 minutes from Tuesday. That's probably because this test required a whole lot less thinking. It was essentially regurgitation of useless facts. I paid attention in class, so I basically winged it. Not worrying much about it because I know I got the vast majority right. Oh, and like philosophy, I also got back my research paper I did a little while back after I turned in my final. This one was assembled in... maybe five hours, but there was plenty of slacking off in there. Again, a C grade paper in my opinon. What did I get? A. ^_^; Again, I attribute this to my unusually high standards for myself. The only person I consistently seem to disappoint is myself. I've learned to accept it though because I generally produce what I consider my crap work when I'm not really trying. But back to the subject, I'm not worrying about my grade for this class either. Not when I've been getting A's on literally everything. It wasn't such a bad class, but it was kinda boring at times and having it as my first class of the day was rather trying sometimes. Never did actually fall asleep, but almost did a few times. Next time I'll take a real art course. You happy Hana?

Getting out so early, I headed over to my friend Cinti's house. There, I watched him play RO and scared him using bad puns and unusual language. XD Haha, that's always fun to do. Watching him play, I kinda got the desire to play again. Unfortunately, it has moved into the closed beta stage and I didn't shell out the $10 a month to be a tester. I want a cute priestess! ;_; I miss my cute aco. ;_; Darnit all! ;_;

Now, I'm essentially looking over my math stuffs for my calc final tomorrow. I be scared. I don't think I'll do well. ;_; I suppose I'll just go in there and try my best. *determination* Time to look over my stuffs a bit more. Wish me luck tomorrow folks.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Today I got a horrible break from the finals I love so~ much. *cough* Didn't have one scheduled for today, so yah.... Spent most of my day studying calc. -_- Even when I don't have class, calc's haunting me! -_-

Did pop out for a while though. Wents by MGL for a little bit and played SCII for a while. Then I headed over to my friend Nanona's house to hopefully meet up with him after he got out of school. Unfortunately for me, he apparently decided to do something else because he wasn't there when I got there. -_- Instead, I happened to be greeted by the young sister. I came in and waited for Nanona and chatted with the sister I know, but not too well. It was actually quite a fun chat. We were all talking about a bunch of stuff. How people at her junior high school are all melodramatic, how I don't understand women things, and how there was a electronic riding horse head on a stick for sale in an open advertisement. ^_^ About the drama, wow... I had no idea that junior high kids were so... messed up these days. She was all telling me about how a few kids were talking about committing suicide and how it seems that self-mutilation via cutting oneself seems to be popular amongst the young population (at least at her school). You know what I have to say about that? I think these kids are idiots, morons, stupid people, etc. What's up with getting all melodramatic at the age of 13 or possibly younger? Do you possibly think that your "problems" actually matter when you measure them up to real problems? Bah! Youngin's these days are idiots I tell you. Can't seem to take a few minor troubles; instead, blowing them entirely out of proportion. Back in my day.... *smacks self* Alright, I needed that. Suppose that kinda turned into a rant, didn't it? ^_^;; Anyway, onto other things, we also looked through her issue of YM. I don't make it a common practice to look through young girl (i.e. teeny bopper) magazines, so I didn't know what I was in for. What I found was more babbling about "problems," tips about how one can "beautify" herself to be more readily acceptable in modern-day society, and ads dictating what is considered "beautiful" in modern-day society. I suppose I had that coming. What did I really expect? A treatise about politics? An essay about world-issues? Something pertinent? Hahahaha! Alright, I gotta admit, it's kinda fun reading them things, if only to laugh. ^_^ She made me take a test in there. It was a stress test. "Are You Stressed" or something. Apparently I don't stress much. Well... I could have told that without a magazine. Oh well.... All in all, a fun visit. Quality time spent with someone cool I haven't really spent time with before. In the end, Nanona didn't return home for maybe two hours, and by that time I thought I had to get home to study more, so I left.

Now here I am... more or less finished studying for the day. Now I have to consider what classes I'll sign up for next quarter. After another episode of Samurai Deeper Kyo.... ^_^

Big announcement:
WELCOME STEPH TO TSUNU!!! *throws confetti*
Yes, new hostee, Steph of Issho Ni. Her former host, Kitsu of Fura-FuraNET is apparently switching domains and won't be able to host her, so I made an offer to host her, and she accepted. Thus, I now have a grand total of 2 hostees (the other being Hana). ^_^; I know I've said this... what...? Three times already? But welcome and enjoy your stay. ^_^

Danny's back and junk. Welcome back. I was wondering when you'd post again. ^_^;;;

Good job on that socio grade. Good luck with the other classes.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Finals Day 1: Philosophy 3 Final

Yep, today I had my philosophy final. Probably the easiest and most unimportant final I have. Essentially, we were given two essay topics (1. advertising and 2. the media) and two hours to write. I finished in fourty-five minutes. Yes, I rule. Those questions were certainly thought provokers, but they were easy for me. Thank you high school for helping me refine my BSing skills. That's how I got through those four years. XD What's funny is that I really don't have to do well on this final at all. After turning in my final, I got back my research paper. You know what I got? An A. Yes, I kick much butt. XD But honestly, considering the rush job I did on it and how it wasn't exactly the desired length (it was supposed to be 5-7 pages, but I had slightly more than 4), I figured it was C caliber work. Honestly, I did. I've noticed this before, but I suppose my standards for myself are way too high. Oh well... what really matters is my teacher's standards and apparently, they are much lower than my own. *shrugs* The final was worth 100 points. I think I've accumulated enough points so that I can completely fail the final and still get an A. I figure that I can miss about 100 points and still get an A. ^_^ Aa~... philosophy rulz. Honestly, I really did like the class. Logic rulz. Learning about logic rulz. ^_^

Because I finished so early, I decided to pop in on my friend Cinti. Eventually, I was all like "I'm hungry." So I devised a master plan to go to McDonalds and to buy a bunch of $1 items because McDonalds has that spiffy $1 menu. You know what I decided to get? 5 McValue fries. Yes, 5. XD McDonald's fries are so~ good. I don't care what anyone says. I don't care if Burger King fries are crunchier or any of that other crap about other fast food establishments, McDonalds fries are bestest! =P Well... actually, I think In & Out fries and KFC wedges tie, but that's besides the point. Anyway, I went out, bought, and brought back 5 fries. We shared them. Mmm~... that was good. Nice, greesy goodness. ^_^

I finally watched the Sakura Taisen movie. Took me long enough. Well... had I known that it was available since July, I would have gotten it sooner, but I recently found out... when...? Last week? Anyway, it was a pain getting it. Sure, there are a few people who have it, but they always seem to have all their transfers taken up or they transfer at mind-numbingly slow speeds (such as 1-2 K). But I got it, I got it. ^_^ What's my verdict? Great movie! Yes, I really liked it. Unlike most anime movies, I didn't feel that the pace was overwhelmingly fast and let me tell you, decent pacing adds quite a bit of enjoyment to a movie if you ask me. The plot was rather good. I happened to enjoy it. And finally, call me superficial, but the thing is freakin' beautiful! Finally, a Sakura Taisen animated feature with character designs that don't bother me! After playing the games and getting used to the magnificent character designs, the character designs in the OVAs and TV series were really disappointing (OVA 3 seems to be pretty good though). Aside from that, the CG blends in with the 2D so well! I'm like all amazed-like and junk. I guess that's what happens when you get Production I.G. to animate a full feature-length feature (they did the game cutscenes). Very good movie if you ask me. I'll probably import the DVD sometime. I think it's worth my money. ^_^

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Sunday, December 8, 2002

The order of the day today was studying. But don't worry, I didn't actually allowed myself to study all day. ^_^ I did get some work in though and I'm slightly more ready for my calc final.

Did some video editing today. My friend wanted to do some video editing and Powerpoint for her final, but she doesn't have the equipment or programs, so she came over here. Pretty simple stuff. In the end, she dropped the Powerpoint and only made a two minute movie clip, which she said would be sufficient for her report/final thing. This reminded me just how little I actually do video editing. I tell you, my computer's not made for video editing. I need more RAM! 256 just doesn't cut it! ;_; I guess I've been putting off getting more RAM for too long. I gotta consider investing some of my upcoming Christmas money on some. I need 512 at the very least. Come on, when you bog down the computer sometimes working in Photoshop you know something's wrong. And I'm not even working in a high resolution or with 100+MB files either (I think my largest project was 80 something megs)!

For a little while now, maybe a few weeks, my Expert Mouse has been acting up. It's nothing horribly bad, but recently, the ball's been getting slightly harder to roll. Ideally and normally, the ball rolls effortlessly. Mine hasn't. Occasionally, the ball gets kinda hard to roll, so I have to make some kind of effort to roll it. I tried cleaning it out more throughly than usual recently, but that didn't work entirely; the ball was still hard to move at times. With really nothing left to do, I decided to contact customer support at Kensington. They said it was a hardware problem and that they'd send me a new one. Yes, they're actually sending me a new replacement! That's amazing. What's even more amazing is that they said that I don't have to return this one! Needless to say, I'm just awe struck. Never before have I gotten this kind of support for anything I've bought. Granted, I shelled out a good $100 for it in the first place, but for them to actually say "here, take another one because your unit is just slightly defective and you don't have to send anything back" is a bit much for me. I'm not complaining though. ^_^ I'll be getting it this week because apparently it'll take 5-7 business days. Man, as if I didn't have enough reason to love my Expert Mouse before. I tell you, after five years (the warranty period), if my unit decides to go all defective on me again, I'll be proud to shell out another $100 for another one. They're just that good. So yes folks, I recommend that you pick up the Kensington Expert Mouse Pro. It may be pricey, but it's the finest input device I've ever had the pleasure of using and I'm darn proud to own one. And it may just be me, but I think it's helped me improve my designing.

Thanks everyone who wished me luck on finals. I'll try not to let you all down. *determination*

You ask a good question. Actually, my dad hasn't brought it up again. I thought he was serious, but he never seems to be serious enough to truly follow through with his really sever threats. My mom, who talked to him about it, told me that apparently he'll be appeased if I don't buy new stuffs. That's fine with me because I can always do that in secret. ^_^ It just takes a little ingenuity and several friends who allow me to keep stuff at their houses to get things by him. Hey, they never know the balance of my checking account, so I'm covered. ^_^ Just in case, I haven't been letting him see anything anime related on the computer monitor ever since. I just wait til he's gone and then I start looking at whatever I want. ^_^

You think philosophy's a cool class? Well... so do I! ^_^ Why do I get to have such a cool class? Because I'm in college. -_- Although there's plenty of variety in classes, let me tell you, I personally don't think it's anywhere near as fun as high school.

Log Crew note:
Sorry peoples who inquired about the Furuba log crew. The positions you've asked for are already filled. The crew isn't mine. It's Tec's. I've just been extremely lazy in updating. Take a look over there and make a request with Tec if you're interested.

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