Saturday, December 21, 2002

Aa~... this vacation has been really relaxing. I'm so glad that in college, you get your Christmas vacation after the completion of a quarter/semester. That way, you don't have to worry about anything ^_^

Aside from the mucho anime watching of Prince of Tennis and Ai Yori Aoshi, I've been going out occasionally. Hm... I already talked about the anime club party.... The day after that, i.e. yesterday, I spent some time at MGL. I really don't go there often enough anymore, and that is a bad thing because I want to get better at SCII. Anyway, when I got there, I was in for a big surprise: Spencer Ray was there. Who is he? He's generally known as "Srayer" in the SC community and it's generally accepted that he is one of the best SC players in the United States. I was quite surprised, but happy because I've only played him once before. So yes, I played him a few times. I didn't win once, but I did get a few rounds off him. ^_^;

Today was spent lounging around the house. I gotta tell you, staying around the house is kinda boring. I aleviated much of that boredom watching Ai Yori Aoshi, but it was still there. I don't know how I got through the day. But hey, it's nighttime now. Who'da thunk? I certainly wouldn't have.

Hm... it's getting ever closer to Christmas and well... I'm still not in the holiday spirit. Not the least bit. I'm all nyeh like usual. It doesn't really feel like it's supposed to be a happy, special time of year at all. Every other year, I at least had a slight feeling of "you're artificially happy because that's what the corporations want you to feel during this 'special' time of year." How are you peoples feeling? Are you in the spirit of giving and all that such?

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Thursday, December 19, 2002

Boy it was rainy today! Darn storms. -_-

I went out today to pick up something for my sister. She had work, so she couldn't go. Instead, she sent me to run the errand. So I headed out to the Great Mall! Unfortunately for me, it was unbelievably bad out there. Sure, the rain was harsh, but I could deal with that. What really annoyed me was the constant fogging of my windows! I had to open up the passenger side window and crack open the back two windows and then I had to wait for a while for it to get non-foggy. It was insane I tell you. I was cold. -_-

After that, I stopped by my old high school for the anime club's Christmas party. Well... it was slightly less of a party and more like a gathering of people with food and video games, but it was alright. I played games and chatted. It was funny. I got a couple: "hey, didn't you graduate last year?s" ^_^; I suppose it's a legitimate question, but I just came because of my friend miss President's invite.

My friend gave me a really cool present! She gave me a little hand-made Nako doll! XD I'm sure most of you know why I'm so happy. XD XD XD I really like it. It's all Nako-like and good. XD I know you'll read this, so: thanks Megumi! I appreciate the effort and you made my day. ^_^

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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

I am now a PoT addict. I tell you, the stuff's so~ addictive! I've just been at it all day. XD Yep, Prince of Tennis is very interesting. Now what did you think I was talking about? XD Yes, I found a new obsession in the form of PoT. I started watching it on Saturday and I've gone through 46 episodes as I write this. Of course, after writing this entry, I'm getting right back on it. I have 54 episodes and I need to watch them all. ^_^ What's so great about it? It just has that draw you in quality. You know... the "you better watch more or you'll die... or at least want to" quality. ^_^ If any of you have seen Initial D, you understand what I'm talking about. I recommend you folks watch it. Even if you aren't particuarily fond of tennis, I'm sure you'll find the show amazing. I can't believe that it's not extremely popular. I know it very well could be. Hm... heh heh... just got an idea for a clique. I can see it now: "PoT Addicts" or "PoTheads...." XD Now lets see if I actually feel like following through and getting off my lazy butt and making it. ^_^;;

Otherwise, my days have been rather mundane. Eh... something to talk about... something to talk about.... Hey, you know what? I bought a Maglite! ^_^ Yes, I've been meaning to get one for a while. Actually... technically, my sister bought it for me, but I'm paying her back. You don't know how happy this makes me. I'm not sure if you people understand, but ever since I was little, I've killed numerous flashlites. By "numerous," I mean like every flashlight I've ever owned. ^_^; Granted, the vast majority of flashlights I've owned were rather cheap in make, so it's slightly more understandable. But still, I guess I'm a bit harsh on my flashlights. I honestly don't see how, but I suppose I am. *shrugs* At least now I have a Maglite, which I'm assuming will take quite a bit of abuse. It's a cute little keychain one too, so I can put it on my keys. ^_^

Oh, I signed up for a Streamload account. My friend convinced me to get one, so I did. Dang, I never knew Streamload was so good for getting anime! I got so much stuff off her and I can download these things without a cap on my download speed! That means I can download an episode in maybe 15 minutes. Good ol' DSL. ^_^ Anyone else have an account? I want to fluff up my anime collection. I'll be willing to trade. ^_^


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Sunday, December 15, 2002

I'm rather perturbed now. Why? It's all about registering for classes for the next quarter. I had it all planned out. I planned to take:

Humanities 1: The Creative Mind
ICS 19A: History of Asian Civilization
Speech 7: Intercultural Communication
Art 4A: Beginning Drawing

Not a bad schedule if I do say so myself. Seems rather easy actually. My sister says that humanities and speech are a breeze, so it'd probably be just as easy for me. History of Asian civilization couldn't be that bad. It's history and for once, history that I'm somewhat interested in. Finally, beginning drawing, which would be my first art course ever. I figured that since I want to become a graphic designer, a nice basic class like beginning drawing would be a nice start. Unfortunately, my parents don't really think so. It's not so much my dad this time, but my mom. She nagged me to give up drawing and take another calc class. -_- Essentially, just she sees it as an extraneous class that I don't need to transfer. Sure, superficially it may be such, but if I want to transfer as a graphic designer, I kind think some art classes would look good. -_- Sure, I suppose I could change my mind about majors, but come on, I can take a single non IGETC class for one quarter, can't I? I planned to take calc again the spring quarter, which would be after the winter quarter, i.e. three months away. I won't forget that much in three months, don'tcha think? Unfortunately, they do think so. -_- Bah, I finally gave in and registered for Math 1B and I'm still not sure whether I'll pass 1A to meet requirements. -_- I'm taking drawing in the spring though. I've made up my mind. I already told my mom. If I really will transfer as a declared graphic designer, I'll need to get some art classes under my belt. I figure I have to begin early as to get in enough classes to actually transfer as a graphic designer. Nyeh... perturbed I am.

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