Thursday, December 25, 2003


It's that time of year once again. Time for holiday cheer, loving, and presents. ^_^ I hope you all have a good holiday. Do me proud and eat a lot of meat. XD

To tell you the truth though, I felt no holiday cheer this year. Not even a slight tingle. Every year I grow older, the less Christmas means to me. I remember when I was a wee tike. Aa~, how I'd anticipate Christmas. Maybe it's because, as a child, the people around you up-play the holiday. Now that I'm older and going to college, people don't seem quite so Christmas-y anymore. I know my friends sure didn't seem to be in the Christmas mood. It was all just... playing like normal. ^_^; Eh... at least I got some money. My bank account was running a little low.... ^_^;;;

Even a Christmas gathering my friend had on Saturday didn't really pump me up for the holiday in any way. It was just like a normal party with my friends and myself: lots o' gaming. Yeah, we're so... wholesome compared to what many people my age would do. We're content with a roaring game of Mario Party or Guilty Gear XX. But hey, we have fun and that's all that matters. ^_^

I got Virtual On: Marz prior to the party and, let me say, it's a great game. I hear it's not as good as Ontario Tangram, but I didn't play that game, so nyeh. =P I was pretty bad, but a whiles into it, I got a fair amount better. Fun game. Try it out sometime. It gets the Tsubasa Seal of Quality. XD

Hm... then there was work for a few days....

Christmas Eve! In the beginning of the day, I was swamped like hoy. X_x I had to go to the bank, get gas, I wanted to look at Fry's for One Must Fall: Battlegrounds, pick up a present from my friend's house, and pick up my other friend to spend the day with her. X_x I needed to do this in maybe an hour. X_x It was pretty hectic on me for a while, but after completing all of it, I got to relax and bit and spend some time with my friend, the incomparable Shelly. We had Tap and played at the mall. Afterwards, I headed home and had dinner with my family, plus aunt, uncle, and grandma.

Oh, I intended to put up a Christmas layout, but I'm not at all satisfied with the result, so you'll be looking at Arcueid a little bit longer. ^_^;;

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