Saturday, December 28, 2002

Trip: canceled

Why? Because we got into another accident. Is this not my family's week with cars or what? -_- Alright, so it happened like this:

We were going along highway 5 south. It was maybe about 2 1/2 hours into our trip. At the time, we were going along that long stretch of 2 lanes out in the middle of nowhere. Yah, that stretch (if you peoples have ever gone along it). Traffic was pretty bad. Maybe not stop and go caliber, but pretty darn bad. For some reason, one car breaked really suddenly. Behind that car, there was a Jeep Cherokee. It also breaked, narrowly missing the car. Behind the Cherokee, there was a Nissan Xterra. The driver realized that he couldn't break in time, so he tried to swerve off the road, but didn't quite make it. The front right side of his car hit the back left side of the Cherokee. Little damage was done to the Cherokee (a broken light and some damage to the bumper), but the Xterra hit in such a way that the metal in the front right side tore and looked really bad. Behind the Xterra, was our car (a Toyota 4Runner). At the time, my dad was driving, with my mom in shotgun and me behind my mom. My dad saw the potential problem and wanted to swerve off to the side to avoid the impending collision with the Cherokee, but unfortunately, the Xterra had already went off to the side and stopped, leaving no room for our car. Thus, the only thing left to do was to break really hard. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough and we still hit the Cherokee. Not a big impact though. The front was kinda smashed, but not too badly, as the radiator was still fine. Behind us, a Mazda MX-5 Miata slammed into us at full speed (maybe 55-60 at the time). Oh man, you don't want to see what a Miata looks like when it rams into the back of a 4Runner's trailer hitch. It was pretty harsh. I'm just glad that the airbags deployed because it could have been ugly. I figure the driver wasn't able to see the happenings ahead because a Miata is relatively short, at least compared to all them SUVs. So in the end, it was a 4 car crash. Pretty ugly stuff. All things considered, the SUVs came out pretty well and in working order, which is something I can't say about the Miata. We all exchanged information and gave information to the California Highway Patrol before leaving. Considering the damage to our car, we decided to turn around and head home. My dad didn't feel comfortable driving all the way to Westminster with the car in that condition, especially considering how the hood latch was shot, so we couldn't open it.

My gosh, I've been in enough accidents to last me a lifetime. And in one week too! Geez, this is a really bad way to end the year. At the least, the 4Runner is still running and we just need some body work done on it. Oh, and my dad told me at dinner today that he might just get the Corolla fixed! He was looking for cars in the $5000-$6000 range, but they all seemed questionable somehow. Lots o' milage, accident cars, etc. That's good to hear. That's is what I wanted anyway. I'm really happy about that. ^_^

I actually got back maybe 6ish yesterday. Why didn't I post? Because I'm a freakin' lazy bum. ^_^ Well, last night my sister had friends over for a post-Christmas gathering. I spent time with them. Funny folks my sister's friends be. Especially when they sang karaoke. Good times to be had. I didn't sing though because, well, I don't sing. =P

Man, my sister's guy friends are so... I don't know... gossipy! Are most "normal" guys like that? Considering how I've never really been a part of the "normal" guy community, I have no idea. They were all going on about what people were doing, how they've changed, rating girls, etc. Now I don't know about most guys, but I don't feel comfortable doing that. Nor have any of my guy friends ever really did that... at least in my presence.... Anyway, I'm glad I'm not like that. That kind of lifestyle just doesn't appeal to me. I don't like talking about others' businesses, thank you very much.

Today was spent... doing nothing really. Hm... some anime watching, some telephone talking, some CD listening (Leaf Piano Collection Vol. 1 XD), and some entertaining thoughts of Multi (^^ <3 <3 <3). Nothing special. Kinda boring though. Problem is, I'm too lazy to do anything substantial to alleviate that boredom, so it continues unabated. ^_^;;

Waa~! Thanks for the gift! *hugs* I feel all special-like and junk. ^_^ Gotta catch up with your writings and comment some more. Been kinda lazy in my readings. ^_^;;

Merry Christmas to you too Steph. ^_^

I guess I didn't have a chance to cry at the wedding. ^_^;;

Why don't you come to the San Jose Kinokuniya sometime? I could meet you there or something. ^_^

Guess I didn't have to feign sickness to get out of it after all....

Maa~.... I'll get up TsuNU when I'm darn ready.
Translation: it'll be up when I'm not lazy.
Translation: it'll take a while. ^_^;

Maybe I should at least change the placeholder image.... When I'm not so lazy.... XD

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Thursday, December 26, 2002

Today was a fun day with the sister and her friend. What better way to celebrate the day after Christmas than shopping? ^_^

First, we went to Mervyn's, where the friend bought a teddy bear. Mervyn's be boring, so we didn't linger. ^_^ Next was Kinokuniya and boy, having money at Kinokuniya feels so~ good. ^_^ Most of the time I go there, I have $20 at most, so I can't really buy anything outside of maybe a few manga, a magazine, or maybe a single. Although I had a lot of money this time, I decided to have some restraint because I kinda like the idea of having money. I only bought one CD: The Leaf Piano Collection Vol. 1. I really~ like it. Not only am I a bishoujo game fan, I'm a piano fan, so this was right up my alley. Didn't hurt that Multi was on the cover. ^^ <3 After that, onto Joanne's fabrics in Cupertino. I've never been to the place, so it was interesting looking around. I don't think it had enough fabric, but maybe it was just the store and the fact that (I'm assuming) many people bought fabrics for the holidays. My sister and friend bought a Christmas present for their landlord-lady there. After going by Tapioca Express for a drink, we headed to Valley Fair, where we couldn't find a parking space for a long time and thus we went to Target instead. There we just browsed because we could. I wanted to go to the nearby comic store afterwards, so we went and I got an Aa! Megami-sama tankouban. Finally (last stop), we went to a nearby female clothing store called "Vivi," where the women-folk browsed and did girly clothes buying and such.

You peoples won't be seeing me back for a while. When I say a while, I mean for two days. ^_^; I'm going off to a wedding for a distant relative of mine in Westminster, CA. I'm going later today (Friday) and I'm coming back sometime Sunday. I don't understand why my family was even invited. Come on, I don't know this person, like, at all and I'm pretty sure that my parents don't know her very well either. Not to mention, this is one hell of a car ride just to go through for a wedding. I wouldn't mind had it been someone I actually knew or was blood related to, but this relation is distant enough that it isn't even a blood relation. -_- I don't want to go, but the parents are making me. Gwar I say, gwar! I guess in the meantime, everyone's gonna have to live without my brilliant ramblings. How will you all past the time? XD

My savior! XD

What did I get in real life? I gots lots o' money, a chopstick holder, a T-shirt, a Kuroneko plushie, a hand-made Nako doll, a card and trading cards from Saga, and a Santa mug. I say that's a mighty nice haul. Especially considering how I've already gotten a GBA w/Golden Sun & Zelda, a copy of the first part of third Sakura Taisen OVA Limited Edition version, and the Leaf Piano Collection Vol. 1 using my money. ^_^ But darn, you got a yukata!? Lucky bum.... *grumbles* As for Christmas spirit, nope. I am in the spirit of capitalism though. Long live capitalism!!!!!!!!!11 XD

'Tis all you'll get from the David for now. He shall now retreat to his bed and shall return in a matter of days. You may leave him a message in that little thing referred to as a "comment box." XD

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Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Just Wingin' It Special Edition 2: "Christmas: Riku style"

Yes, new layout! And here you may have thought I wouldn't have one because I said that I gave up on it. Well, you would have been correct, had my layout-fiend of an imouto, Riku, not given me one as a Christmas present. ^_^ Thanks so~ very much imouto!!! *glomp* (yes, that's my first glomp ever ^_^;). This layout features various images drawn by artist extrordinare: Aoi Nanase. I think they are all supposed to be Nako images, but that main image isn't. ^_^; It's alright imouto, I know you meant well. ^_^ Eh... I hope you peoples like it. Send any praises Riku's way.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 XD

I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I intend to send out some nice holidays wishes and to put up one of them "Christmas wishes images," everyone seems to be putting up on their logs, but right now my cousin has invited me to go watch LotR: TTT. I really got to go now, so I'll be back later tonight with seasons well-wishings and all that good crap. ^_^

Too late (12:16 AM). Not in the mood to type a lot. Gonna do them holiday wishings tomorrow... eh... later today.... ^_^;

[edit: part II]

There we go. That's a little taste of what I was working on for my Christmas layout. I figured that I'd at least make some use of it. Maybe I'll bring it back for next year in full layout format.... *shrugs*

Alright, I know it's the day after Christmas now, but darnit, I can still wish everyone a good Christmas! =P Thank you everyone that has been there for me throughout this year. I kinda wanted to make individual image thingies for each of you, but I kinda didn't have the time, so I hope you're all satisfied with that little generic "holiday greeting" image up there. *points up* If not... well... then you suck! =P

Oh, some others have e-mailed me image-presents too:
Thank you everyone. I appreciate it muchly. I feel so special that you all sent me something. Especially you Mizuki, yours was all personal-like.

On Christmas Eve, I actually got a chance to use duct tape for its intended purpose! My dad took me over to my uncle/aunt/grandma's house to work on the air ducts. These weren't any normal air ducts though. Apparently the ducts had bursted at a time, leaving a mess up there. Not only that, the space allowed to work was rather small, especially considering my height. Because of this, for the last six years, several handymen have refused to even work on the thing. ^_^; My dad undertook the job because he wanted some extra money and what better way than to exploit your own relatives? j/k ^_^ He wants to start doing some handyman work to get some extra income, just in case he might need it in these bad economic times. Anyway, it wasn't exactly a pleasant job, but I did it and got $50 for my services. Score! ^_^

This year's Christmas was somewhat boring. For most of the day, I was stuck at home playing A Link to the Past, which isn't really a bad thing, but I'm not exactly in the mood for an RPG right now, but that was the only thing I had to play. ^_^; I did go to watch LotR: TTT and it was pretty good I guess, but I don't know... I was expecting more. I heard there was a lot of action, so I was expecting more than there was. Oh well, that scene with the Ents was the best! XD

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Monday, December 23, 2002

Oh my gosh, you wouldn't believe what happened to me today.

Alright, so I had made plans to go out with my friends Karen and Allan because... well... I don't get to see Karen often and she's home for holidays (Allan wanted to come along for the same reason). Alright. So we went to her house and had some fun times there. Then we went out to watch a movie at the Great Mall. On our way to the general area where we were going to park, I turned into one of the parking lanes, when BANG! some guy in a '91 Ford Ranger barrels into the front of my car! Needless to say, I was all "oh my freakin' gosh!!!!!!!!!!" Before I knew it, my entire front end was smashed and his left front end was damaged, although substantially less so. You don't know how freaked out I was. I stopped the engine and us three got out. Fortunately for us, none of us got any injuries worth mentioning. Karen got a very, very mild bloodening on the side of her face and Allan got some bruises and a very, very mild bloodening too. Amazingly, even though I was in front, I recieved the least amount of injuries. I was left relatively unscathed, aside from a couple of stains on my pants. After some recollecting and calling my parents, I traded information with the guy. The guy went to get a tow truck, while we three waited for my parents. My mom arrived and chatted with the man, as his car was being put up on the tow truck. After the guy's car was taken away to his house, my dad came and then we called AAA to tow it back to our house.

Yes, now I know that's a really condensed story and it gets really succinct, but I don't feel like describing in any further detail. What I will explain is more about the crash. Let me just say that it was his fault. Why? Because, to slam into my car, he was cutting across several empty rows of parking at a high speed. I can't be exact, but I'm sure he must have been going 30+ mph. I was going probably about 10-15 mph because I essentially just entered the parking lane. Now I suppose I could be slightly at fault because I wasn't aware enough, but hey, you shouldn't have to be aware of oncoming cars through parking lanes. -_-

Honestly, throughout all of this, I was not at all worried about the trouble I could get in, the hike in insurance rate, or any possible lecture my dad could give me. Instead, I was only thinking about the poor car. Now, it's a belief of mine that machinery have feelings. I'm not talking about being moody. How can I explain it...? I feel that machines don't like it when they are mistreated. Like, take a car. I think cars don't appreciate being pushed hard all the time, not being given proper maintainance, being driven harshly, etc. Because of that, I've always had some level of respect for my car. It's my friend, my companion. It is always with me and it has always been reliable. In return, I've tried to take it easy and to drive it the way I think it deserves to be driven: with respect. Besides, this is a '82 Corolla wagon that has always been in my life. Heck, it's older than me! It has been through a lot and through much of it, I was in the car. I have no inhibition to say that I love it. Sure, it was old, had no power steering, no air conditioning, no CD player, seemingly nonexistant shocks, and it was underpowered, but regardless, I love the thing. I think all those things add character. I actually like the fact that it has no power steering, not to mention, it's an FR, which is my favorite drivetrain. So yes, I was sad. You don't know how sorry I felt. The car doesn't deserve this. My friend doesn't deserve this. Looking at the bent hood and the smashed front end, you don't know how sadened I was. This sadness was only augmented when my dad told me that it's not worth it to repair the car. I held it in at the time, but when I got home, I cried. The car never deserved this.

In the end, I didn't really get in trouble with the parents. My dad didn't give me a lecture. I'm rather glad about that because I'm already feeling plenty of pain. To think, I'll never drive the car again. It's hard enough on me. They're going to get me a new car or probably more realistically, a new used car, but I can't be happy. Sure, I wanted a new car, but I didn't want it to be because of something like this. All I really want is for my car to be repaired. I'd be more than happy.

To add insult to injury, tomorrow AAA's going to come by and give us an estimate. Being that it's an '82 car, we won't be getting much. ;_;

I was intending to finish up a Christmas layout, but darnit, I'm certainly not in the mood now, nor do I believe that I will anytime soon. Sorry to deny you folks my l337 designing skillz, but I think you'll understand.

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Sunday, December 22, 2002

Today was another day of slacking off with the friendly-units. More of the usual: time spent at the mall and MGL. There is such little variety in places to go where I live! My friends and I always want to think of something different to do, but we're never able to because... well... there isn't anything else to do. There's the mall, Golfland, and occasionally bowling or pool. Of course, bowling and pool never seem to happen because it's just not something we care to do too often. So that means that we go to the mall and MGL very often. I tell you, the mall can get rather stale when it's the only place to kinda hang out. I know my friend Cinti is just about burned out on the mall. Darnit all! There needs to be more stuff to do around here! ;_;

Man, you don't know how lazy I've been this vacation. I've been meaning to do a lot of work on various site things and possibly finally get TsuNU up, but laziness has struck me so~ hard. I know I'm lazy, but I didn't expect myself to be anywhere near this lazy. Sometimes, I find myself with nothing to do, so I consider getting to work, but then laziness kicks in and I just do nothing. Really, I'm just on the computer, surfing sites and forums. Many times, I refresh hoping for an update or new post. ^_^; Yah, I needs to do something. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'll do any anytime soon. ^_^;;

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