Saturday, January 4, 2003

Today was going to be a really good day. I was going to go to my friend's birthday sware (sp?) and have a jolly good time. Unfortunately for me, my dad made me look up my grades for the last quarter and show him. As I suspected, I did impecably for most of my classes, but that math.... He got rather perturbed with it, so he gave me a lecture and said I couldn't go. ;_; This left me with quite a bit of nothing to do.

Fortunately for me, this "luck" didn't last throughout the entire day. My parents went out to go look at prospective cars to get for me to drive to school (considering how I don't have any right now). They called around and looked at several used car dealerships, but they turned up nothing. At least nothing that they'd feel comfortable buying for me because well... honestly, used cars are quite the gamble. There are tons of people out there who take attrocious care of their cars. That's why they went to a Toyota dealership and bought a brand new '03 Corolla LE. Yes, they actually shelled out the dough for a brand new car. I didn't think they had it in them. If you know my parents, they don't exactly go out and buy several thousand dollar items often (but who does?). I suppose that's good because well, honestly, after the loss of the '82 Corolla wagon, I didn't really feel like driving any other model car (even if it's an FF *sigh*). I love Corollas, darnit! They are good, quality cars. Besides, with 130 hp & 125 lb.-ft, at least I can feel good knowing that my car is more powerful than a Civic. Screw them ricers, they have nothing on me. XD Alright, so I have an automatic, a Civic could have a turbo kit or NOS, or something else, but oh well.... ^_^; Anyway, yep, so now on, I'll be driving a brand new Corolla. I think that's at least somewhat respectful to the '82.

After that, my parents actually let me go out! Yes, even after the whole episode with my dad, he let me go to the party. And to the party I did go. ^_^ Hung out with peoples, had fun, and generally took my mind off all the pressing crap from my dad. I suppose I kinda needed it. Especially since I got to spend some time with some peoples I don't get to see too often. By the time I got there, there apparently I missed all the good stuff, so I satisfied myself with socializing, although I'm not especially good at it. ^_^;

Upon getting home, I was greeted by a bit more speel from my dad, but it wasn't especially long and I eventually got relieved of the lecturing. All things considered, I think my dad has really let me off easy these days. I never seem to do anything to satisfy him, but he hasn't really put his foot down or done anything excessive. Good news for me.

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Thursday, January 2, 2003

Second day into the new year and still nothing all that exciting.

Yesterday, I headed over to my aunt and uncle's house for a family new years gathering. It wasn't anything special. Really. Very little of my family actually showed up. They all seemed to have something better to do or something, but it was just strange because my family's huge. Even if a considerable amount of people decide not to go, there would still be quite a bit of people actually coming. Meh. *shrugs* The entire day was spent playing with the cousins. We played Spiderman Monopoly! XD It was so fun, as Monopoly generally is, but it was only augmented by the fact that it was Spiderman Monopoly. You don't buy property, you buy villians. XD Not only that, you don't erect houses and hotels on these villians, you purchase "webs" and "vaults" on them. XD We all seemed to get a kick out of that. Monopoly can be so~ memorable if you play with my family. You want to know the kinds of things we do? We make deals like: "here, I'll spot you X amount of $ if you give me immunity to your property with four houses on it." ^_^ Definately the highlight of the game was when my cousin landed on my other cousin's property and couldn't pay the rent. What did he do? He sold me all his property for $1 and declared bankruptcy. XD That was great. I gained so much property. In the end, we couldn't finish the game though. A couple of my cousins had to go home. Left unable to finish our game, we remaining peoples turned to the Dreamcast and Dead or Alive 2. We played tag mode for hours. Man, I forgot just how much fun tag mode is. I suck at the game though. I don't know a lot of moves or any combos outside of stuff like PPP or PPK. -_-; I need to get better at it. I really want an XBox and DoA3 now. LEI FANG!!!!!!!!!!!1 *drools*

Today, on the other hand, was rather tame by comparison. I did go out--with my mom--to the bank to deposit some money, the post office to send a few letters, Home Depot to buy some vinyl runners, a market-type thing to buy propane, and the grocery store to buy some well... groceries, but it sounds a lot more exciting than it actually was. On second thought... that doesn't sound exciting at all, so maybe it does sound as exciting as it was. ^_^;

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Wednesday, January 1, 2003

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 XD

Ohhohohoho... my last entry of the year was cut off. Fixed it. Scroll down to read the completed entry. ^_^; (thanks for bringing that to my attention Lini)

You know what I was thinking last night? Why the heck is there a tradition of dropping a ball for new years? Does that make any sense? "It's new years! Let's drop a big sparkly ball!!!" -_- I can't figure it out. Was someone drunk when they thought of the idea? I wouldn't be surprised. It happens at new years....

One other thing I thought about last night: why do people still make new years resolutions? I'm pretty darn sure no one ever keeps them throughout an entire year. Besides, what's the point? If you want to resolve to do something, why don't you decide to the moment you think of it? Why can't it be a continuous thing, not just a "for this year" kinda thing? That's why I never make new years resolutions anymore. The only reason why I ever did was because my grade school teachers made us make them as wee tikes. -_-

So I wake up this morning of the new year and you know what? I'm sick. -_- It's nothing really serious, but darnit, I don't like to be sick. Although, I'm pretty sure that's a given. My physiology teacher in high school once said that your health is the most important thing to have. Sure, you could have all the money in the world, but if you're sick and feel like crap, you can't enjoy it, can you? I suppose I'd have to agree with him. Right now I'm not exactly feeling like crap, but my nose is running. Gwar I say, gwar....

Thinking about it, there really isn't much time left for my vacation! Must find ways to enjoy myself further....

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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Here I am. It's only forty-three minutes 'til the new year. Boy, does the time fly.... Where did all the time go? *meaningful sigh*

Hm... so it'll be 2003 soon, eh? I've been wondering, what year would that be? I mean... you know... in the Chinese zodiac? I've been wondering that for a while. "A while" being maybe a day or two. ^_^;

So how did I spend my last day day of the year of 2002? I spent it with my sister depositing money in the bank, picking up DDR pads from RedOctane and hanging out with my friend Ryoko. Yep.

Am I doing anything special to ring in the new year? Well, I'm actually at my friend's house for a new years party right now. w00t...? Well, honestly, it's not that bad, but there're are a severe lack of my good friends here. I suppose I can spend time with these other peoples, most being acquaintices, but darnit, I'm not social enough to do that, so nyeh. I suppose it could have been much worst....

Well... that's all for now. I'll be back tomorrow morning to wish you all a happy new years. Just wanted to make a nice end of the year entry. *picks up a cup of sparkling cider* This is to the new year. Hope you all enjoy yours. ^_^

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Monday, December 30, 2002

You know, I was supposed to go to Tahoe to snowboard/play in snow with my cousins today. It was kinda like a spur of the moment kinda decision. We were going to go for two nights and two days. That didn't happen. Apparently the conditions out there right now are really harsh. My cousin didn't feel like going out there and driving, let alone playing around in the snow. I even went out to Old Navy to buy a nice jacket, gloves, and hat. ;_; My cousin called maybe three hours before we were supposed to leave and told my sister and me that we weren't going. We'll probably push it back to Friday and Saturday. It's not definite though.

Life without a car is so~ different. Come on, I went eighteen years without one and only eight months into my driving career, I've gotten so accustomed to it I'm feeling withdrawl. -_-; I'm all like "I want to go somewhere," but I can't because I don't have a ride. -_- Oh about the whole fixing the Corolla thing, apparently it's not happening. Body shop guy came over and looked at it. Apparently it's fixable (what car isn't?), but the guy wasn't too thrilled at the idea of working with such an old car. Probably'd cost extra too. So I'm getting a new car. Apparently (I think it was), my cousin's boyfriend's father works at the bank in the repossessment department. You know what that means? I'll be getting a repossessed car. ^_^; Yah, don't know what it'll be yet, but I hope I get a say in what it'll be. Come on, I'm the one going to drive the car. Although knowing my dad, I'm not sure whether that'll happen. -_- I just want an import compact FR....

I'm playing Yoshi's Island for my GBA. It's so fun! XD Never got to play it back in the day, but I was always gawking at the graphics. I'm glad I picked it up. Haven't been hooked on a game like this in a while. Hopefully I'll be able to order Memories Off 2nd sometime.... ^_^

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