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04/27/2002 Archived Entry: "Fanime Day 1"

Yesterday I did go to school and all that crap. I would go over that, but I'm sure you would rather hear about Fanime. So here is my Fanime day 1 report.

I arrived there at the Westin at 4:00 PM. I heard reports from others that the prereg had been moved from the place it had been for the last two years, so I went up the escalators because that's where I heard they relocated. When I got up there, I found out that they moved the prereg desk back to where they had it the last two years. Gwar... I went down the escalators and to where I'm used to picking up my badge. It was really quick. Hah! I laugh at them peoples who went to the hotel the night before! ^_^ I heard the line was ridiculous. As opposed to my experience: I didn't have to wait behind anybody. Hah! Anyway, I got my badge (sorry folks, I'm not ready to show you peoples my full name) and bag of goodies. My badge wasn't that bad this year. Not exactly the best one, but I suppose I can accept it. At least there's a girl on it this year. I had no idea what series it was until someone told me (Tokyo Crazy Paradise), but the art's not bad. I would have rather had the Noir one or the Vandread one, but oh well.... General comment: this year's badge images were rather poorly chosen. Only staff and volunteers seemed to get some worthwhile badges.

After prereging I headed straight towards the main attraction of the con: the dealers room. ^_^ There I saw Tina. Woo. We went around the dealers room together. Me looking for posters and artbooks, her looking for UFO catcher dolls and shitajiki. I ended up getting two Angelic Layer posters, a poster and UFO doll of Mamoru, a poster of the Teigeki girls, and a game advertisement poster for the first Love Hina Dreamcast game. I didn't have time to get anything else before we had to go to catch the showings of Re:Death and Fanboy Bebop.

Re:Death and Fanboy Bebop are great! They are fan parodies done by the guys at Studio Sokodei. I had seen Re:Death at '00, but I didn't catch Fanboy Bebop at '01. So yah... them things are great! ^_^ Re:Death is pure condensed comedy and Fanboy Bebop has so many inside anime jokes, it's great. ^_^

Well... at the screening room, I had met up with the rest of the Sexy Crew minus Sataya. Afterwards, we went to the opening ceremony to meet up with the X.O.X.ers. We ended up watching some of the ceremony. I only saw the end of the martial arts demonstrations and the guest introductions. Mari was there! ^_^ I'm just a big fan of Mari Iijima. Unfortunately, she only came for Friday because she's flying out to the Grand Canyon today to do a commercial for Verizon wireless. Unfortunately, that means that I can't see or chat with her. =(

Moving on... we left the ceremony and along with the X.O.X.ers, we decided to order some pizza. We went up to I believe Steph's room and hung out there for a while, while Dandan ordered pizza. Unfortunately, the pizza guy said that it would take an hour and a half. At that time, it was around 8:30. Unfortunately that meant that Dandan and June had to go karaoke soon. When 9 rolled around, they left and I went with them. I wanted to give them moral support.

At karaoke, they experienced "technical difficulties," so we were made to wait until 9:30 to actually get in. They didn't even start til sometime after 10:00. Unfortunately, I had to go at 10:00, so I said sorry to Dandan and June and left. I went out front, where my mom was waiting for me and I went home.

It's Saturday morning now, so I'll be going back in a little while. Today I'm looking forward to Danny's web designing panel, the Sakura Taisen panel, the garage kit panel, the masquerade, and of course spending more time in the dealers room. ^_^

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funizm ^_^

Posted by Cinti @ 04/29/2002 12:30 PM PST

Ooh nice posters XD that was fun at the dealers room^__^ must do that again.. eee that Love HIna poster is so pretty XD~

Posted by T-Chan @ 04/28/2002 01:01 AM PST

ooooh... ^^ Sounds great! You just reminded me to register for Anime Expo x_x;; I wish I was there. -_-;; And thanks for the good luck wish. I think I did better on this than the last. Think... Wah I really want to know how I did on this!! Killer 4 hour exam, 120 m/c + 4 essays. My hand's tired.

Posted by Saga @ 04/27/2002 11:59 PM PST

Wha.. Oro? I went to Fanime too! You ended up getting tons of things... I only got manga ^^;;

Anyhow, I only went today... But wish I can go on Sunday.

Posted by Uchiki @ 04/27/2002 09:39 PM PST

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