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06/09/2002 Archived Entry: "Grandparents A'Movin'!"

Helped the grandparents move today. In other words, my family used me for my muscle. ^_^; Nah, it really doesn't bother me considering how they are my grandparents and all. They are getting all aged, so someone as young and vibrant as myself should give them a hand. ^_^ So for most of the day I helped my two uncles move tons o' stuff from the old house to the new house. There was some heavy lifting involved, but it didn't really bother me. Besides, I worked in my family's furniture store for two, maybe three consecutive summers, so I'm pretty good with moving big things. It did steal the prime hours of the day, but at least they fed me. ^_^ So all my work was worth it. ^_^

Daggonnit! I want to learn how to drive a stick! Today my uncle used my dad's truck, which has a standard transmission and I was in the car with him. I really want to learn how to drive a stick and whenever I see people do it, I want to even more! Gwar! Hopefully when my parents buy me a new car in four years, I'll get a nice Impreza with a standard transmission. You can't waste them 227 horses with an automatic, can you? ^_^

Because of all the moving, I haven't started ST2 yet. I'll do it sometime. Mark my words, I will do it within this next week! *determined*

From Dandan's:

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I tell you, don't get so worked up. High school may be a step up from junior high, but it's not such a big step from the last year of junior high and the first year of senior high. You'll adjust.

ASUKAAA~!!! ^_^ If that wasn't enough of an indication, I like the layout. ^_^ Just an opinion: java scrollers just don't work well with logs. Also, the window's a bit small. Although that's just the web designer within me talking. The rest of me loves the thing. It's really pretty. I can see that you did spend some time on it. Besides, it's Asuka. Anything with Asuka plastered on it just can't be bad now, can it? ^_^

Wow! Saka's alive! ^_^ Nah, it's just that I don't think I see enough activity on your log. Although, if there's nothing really to post about, then I understand.

I'm glad to see a new layout. When's the last time that happened? ^_^ And it's a photo layout! Whoda thunk? Seriously now, it's great layout. Pretty darn unique too. I always look forward to your new layouts. They're always so different from what I usually see on the net. Good job there. *pat pat*

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aww good Davey Chu helping out his family=D * patpat* I proud^_^v

Posted by T-Chan @ 06/10/2002 09:03 PM PST

I'm alive, whee! :D Tee hee, well, since my journal has so much pointless add-ons like artwork and winamp/icq skins I figure I could be forgiven for lack of activity. :P Anyway, thanks mucha for the comments! :D Your layouts are eye candy too. ^.^

Posted by Saka chan @ 06/10/2002 08:36 PM PST


Posted by Cinti @ 06/10/2002 07:15 PM PST

^_^;; I'm baack after a disappearance for a bit o_o;; But anyways, check my blog for a surprise for you! (sorta)
I see Tsu-kun is also very determined to play something =D

I wish I was a little more stronger ^^;; People never ask me for physical help, well, because I'm the one that needs it -_-. *sigh* It'd be nice to carry more than like 7 pounds without having my back hurt. [you might know this from my profile link?...not sure who actually read that thing.]

^^;; Tsu-kun seems excited when it comes to stick shift mode for cars. For me... my parents are sending me off to start learning this summer. But ah! I don't want to drive!! I'm... not too young, but scared... especially when I live in the city known as "the city where people don't use their turn signals, run red lights, and do illegal turns".... Yes I live in an asian community. More specifically it's occupied by a lot of chinese... (that was not meant to be offensive, I'm chinese myself). I just find the whole thing scary for my area.

Well, ^^;; I'm about to fall over from sleepiness. I'll hear from you later!

Posted by Saga @ 06/10/2002 12:47 AM PST

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