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10/18/2002 Archived Entry: "I KNEW THE MATERIAL!!!! *shakes fist*"

Oh my... you don't know how crappy my math class has gotten. My teacher likes to give us quizes each week and I've been holding out thus far I suppose. I could have gotten better scores, but hey, I got something. Now today we had another quiz. This one was only on one section of the book. A section I knew pretty darn well considering how it consisted of pretty much only two equations that were rather similar. No problem, right? Wrong. I think I got a zero on this one. -_- Why!? I KNEW THE FREAKIN' SECTION!!! My teacher just had to give us the most crappy of equations to work with. Why!? I'm pretty pissed about that. Although, "pretty pissed" by David standards is not really pissed, but you get the idea. I'm just mad because I knew the material! I knew it well too! Gwar I tell you. My teacher sucks. -_-

Bitterness aside...

Today I went and got a flu shot. Yep, I'm not completely over my sickness yet, but I went out and got a flu shot. ^_^; Eh... at least I'm somewhat prepared for winter now. I'm not getting sick again I tell you! Not if I have anything to say about it! ^_^ Although granted, I'm pretty sure my word is just slightly more useful than as a speed limit 55 sign, but oh well.... ^_^;

You know what's cool? Today I drove to the doctor's to get my flu shot in the 4Runner. Sure, I've driven it before, but today I tried out the 4WD feature. I know it's just a minor thing to most of you, but I've never driven a 4WD car before, so hey, it's a big deal to me, ok? I just wanted to feel how a 4WD car would handle. As I expected, it was darn responsive. You can tell that there's a difference from FR (front engine, rear wheel drive). At least I could tell. Can't say that I liked it better, but it was certainly interesting. Now I need to try out an FF (front engine, front wheel drive) sometime. That shouldn't be too hard, considering how about 70% of the cars being produced today are FF....

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*has no clue about the driving modes* ^^;; But about the math, I feel the same way, just with chem. -_-;; Mou, teachers are evil... with such the funkiest problems. And I've decided to go tell the school police that I think he's a stalker. lol

Posted by Saga @ 10/20/2002 11:34 AM PST

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