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01/06/2003 Archived Entry: "De Anza Winter Quarter '03: Day 1"

First day of school. How was it? Very... well... schooly. ^_^; What do you want me to say? It wasn't fabulous, nor horrid. It was, how can I say it...? Nyeh? ^_^

First class o' the day be Humanities. I'm taking "The Creative Mind," which is a course where I'll learn about how the human mind works and what exactly "creativity" is. Seems alright. Really big class though. There are like slightly over a hundred students in it. Let me remind you that this is a community college. Anyway, my teacher seems pretty interesting. He made me chuckle a good few times. He likes to joke around. Many times, those jokes are frequented by cussing. Alright, call me immature, but it's always fun hearing a teacher cuss. I guess I'm still not used to college yet.

Class numero 2: Speech 7. This class focuses on "intercultural communication." Something like communicating between and within cultures. What the heck did I get myself into? -_- I thought it could possibly be interesting. My sister took it and said it was easy, and that is the only reason why I took it (aside from fulfilling speech requirements). My teacher was all going on about how everyone has a culture, how we should respect each others' cultures, and how we should all be all discussionly and crap in class. You know what this all boils down to in my book? Political correctness. -_- Oh my freakin' gosh, I don't want a whole political correctness class! Sure, it has its uses, but I hate the whole PC thing. It's just tiring and way too encumbering. I'm not going to enjoy this class, but I will go through with it. I'll just have to stomach it for one quarter. No big deal...?

Class Part III: ICS 019A. This is a class on early Asian history. Finally, a history class. I, like, rule at history classes. Why? Because I have a knack for memorizing tons of insignificant details. ^_^ Actually, I'm not sure that's going to help me too much in this class because my teacher told us that the class isn't all about straight memorization. Instead, we're going have to think about what he teaches us and about what kinds of lessons/conclusions we can draw from the facts. Finally, a history teacher that understands. I'm sure there are more out there, but back in primary schooling, I never had a teacher who understood the purpose of history: to teach the masses using past experiences as examples. So yes, I think I'll enjoy this class. Especially since I like Asian history. I'm certain that I'll be able to interpret everything he dishes out at me. I'm just good like that. ^_^

Finally, class 4: Calc. I'm taking more calc this quarter. Because I kinda didn't register in time for the class, I wasn't officially enrolled. Thus, I went to the class hoping to be added. I got there early and made sure I got in there to try to secure my chances. Unfortunately for me, another fifteen people also decided to show up and try to add. -_- The teacher, trying to be fair, made everyone take a number between one and sixteen. Then, he randomly picked numbers untill he picked eight people to add. I had number three. He didn't call number three. -_- I left. Now I'm trying to get into another, later class. Wish me luck peoples because I'm not sure whether the teachers will still add.

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Hmmm teachers cussing? Why is the school system so fooked up? Whatever, its funny.

BTW, sowwy I didn't comment this layout, but it surpasses the designs I've been able to come up with. Let's face it your better than me. =B
Umm...I like the circular stuff.....XD

Posted by Hana @ 01/08/2003 03:06 PM PST

Cheese and crackers!!! *squeals* Your blog is such a pretty color!! Such a pretty layout!! Aaaand it's GREEN!! O_O Anyways, I went back to school today.. yes, 'nyeh' would be the correct word. Good luck for the rest of the year! xD

Posted by Joya @ 01/08/2003 02:43 PM PST

*mumbles* at least your first day of school was better than mine...

Posted by Meia @ 01/08/2003 07:00 AM PST

tsu-kun! i'm late!!! *falls over* wahhh... the new layout looks so much better than the one i made you. @_@ gomenne!!!!!! *keels again*

damn school. hate school. cursed school. ;_; can't even give my onii-chan a proper hello.

Posted by riku @ 01/07/2003 08:11 PM PST

Wow... my teachers cuss like, all the friggin' time, and I'm still in high school. :B My school system is very corrupt. :BBBB

Posted by Saka @ 01/06/2003 10:40 PM PST

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